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Patriotism Dialogues

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# 41
Yeh Hindustan ab chup nahi behtega ... yeh naya Hindustan hai ... yeh ghar mein ghusega bhi aur maarega bhi
India won't sit quiet now ... this is a new India ... it'll enter their house and it'll kill them as well
# 42
Joh desh ke liye ladte hai ... unki maut ka countdown unki pehli saans ke saath shuru ho jaata hai
Those who fight for their country ... the countdown of their death starts with their first breath
# 43
Chalis saal pehle ek aur aadmi tha joh kanoon ke khilaaf tha ... aaj hum uss aadmi ko Bapu kehte hai
40 years back, there was one more man who was against the law ... today we call him Gandhi
# 44
Apne hi desh mein mehmaan bankar koi khush kaise ho sakta hai
How can one be happy by becoming a guest in their own country
# 45
Dushman ka border ho ya dee hui zubaan ... Hindustani sipahi peeche nahi hatta
Whether it is the enemies border or a promise ... an Indian soldier never steps back
# 46
Mujhe hamesha lagta tha ki duniya mein do tarah ke insaan hote hain ... ek joh chupchap maut ka daman thaam lete hain ... aur doosre joh rote chilaate maut ki taraf badhte hain ... aur phir main teesre kisam ke insaanon se mila
I always thought that in the world there are two kinds of people ... one who go silently to their death ... and second who go crying and screaming to their death ... and then I met the third kind
# 47
Bechkar imaan kamai daulat toh insaan kya ... namak khaya jis watan ka, ussi ka na hua toh Musalman kya
What good is a person who has made money by selling his honesty ... if you're not true to the country that gives you food, then you're not a Muslim
# 48
Is chot ko apne dil aur dimaag par kayam rakhna ... kal yahi aasoon kranti ka sailaab bankar is mulk ki sari gandagi ko baha le jayenge
Continue to remember this wound on your heart and mind ... tomorrow these tears will become the flood of revolution and they will flow away all the dirtiness of this country
# 49
They asked us this question on a Friday, repeated it on Tuesday ... I'm just replying on Wednesday
They asked us this question on a Friday, repeated it on Tuesday ... I'm just replying on Wednesday
# 50
Woh kehte hai mera desh uska nahi, phir kyun mere ghar woh rehti hai ... woh kehte hai main us jaisa nahi, phir kyun mujh jaisi woh lagti hai
They say that my country is not her's, then why does she live in my house ... they say that I am not like her, then why does she look like me
# 51
Main mere desh ke liye jaan de sakta hoon ... aur pyar ke liye jaan le sakta hoon
I can give my life for my country ... and can take a life for love
# 52
Shaheedon ke liye aasoon nahi bahaya karte ... unka apmaan hota hai
Don't shed tears for the martyred ... they get dishonored
# 53
Aap logon ko bas peeth par vaar karna aata hai ... par hum Hindustaniyon ne kabhi peeth dikhana seekha hi nahi hai
You guys only know how to attack behind the back ... but we Indians have never learnt how to turn our backs to someone
# 54
Hindustani jaisa bhi ho, usse do cheezein bilkul pasand nahin ... ek hai cricket mein haar ... doosra apne desh pe vaar
No matter how he is, there are 2 things an Indian does not like ... one a loss in cricket ... second an attack on his nation
# 55
Aaj se tumhari har goli par desh ke dushman ka naam likha hoga
From today on every bullet of yours there will be the name of the enemy of this country
# 56
Yeh joh vote hai na yeh kagaz ka tukda nahi hai ... ki dabbe mein daala aur chal diye ... yeh vote tumhare parivar, tumhare desh, uski unnati ki parchi hai ... yeh toh do dhaari talwar hai joh dono taraf se kaatti hai ... theek jagah pade toh desh khushal aur galat jagah pade toh desh ka satyanash
A vote is not a piece of paper ... that you put in a box and move on ... a vote is a paper for the betterment of your family, your country ... it's a double edged sword which cuts from both sides ... if it falls in the right place then the country is happy and if it falls in the wrong place then the country is destroyed
# 57
Angrezi hamara hunar ho sakti hai ... hamari matrubhasha nahi ... kyunki matrubhasha maa hoti hai ... aur maa sirf ek hoti hai
English language can be our talent ... but it can't be our mother tongue ... since your mother tongue is like a mother ... and there can only be one mother
# 58
Desh ki seva karne mein joh maze hai na ... woh kisi aur mein nahi hai
The satisfaction that you get from serving your country ... you don't get that satisfaction from anything else
# 59
Aksar log mujhse poochte hai ki mera surname kya hai, jaati kya hai, dharam kya hai ... aur main unse muskurake kehta hoon ... ki is desh ke naam pe mere bauji ne mera naam Bharat rakha ... ab itne badhe naam ke aage jaati, dharam, surname lagake na toh apna aur na hi is desh ka maan kam kar sakta hoon
Often people ask me what's my surname, caste, religion ... and I smile and tell them that ... my father named me Bharat which is the name of our country ... now by adding my surname, caste, religion to my name, I can't reduce my pride nor that of my country
# 60
Apni matti ki hamesha izzat karna ... kyun ki jitni izzat tum matti ki karogi ... utni hi izzat matti se tumhe milegi
Always respect your motherland ... because the amount of respect you give to your motherland ... you'll get that much respect from your motherland
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