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Release Year - 2010
# 1
Main ek pindari hoon ... ladna hamara karm hai, aur jeetna hamara dharm ... chahe woh desh ke liye ho, ya pyar ke liye
I am a free army man ... fighting is my karma, and winning is my religion ... be it for country, or love
# 2
Rajputana khoon mein itna ubaal hai ... ki agar aanch lag jaaye toh gori chamdi kaali padh jaaye
The blood of a warrior has so much heat ... that if it catches fire then the white skin can burn and become black
# 3
Main mere desh ke liye jaan de sakta hoon ... aur pyar ke liye jaan le sakta hoon
I can give my life for my country ... and can take a life for love
# 4
Hum sirf angrezon ka khoon peete hai
I only drink blood of the Englishmen
# 5
Agar mere desh ki taraf kisi ne aankh bhi uthayi ... toh Veer itni tabahi machayega joh aakaal aur bhukamp bhi nahi macha payenge
If anyone even stares at my country ... then Veer will create so much destruction what even a famine and earthquake can't create
# 6
Jahan se bhi pakadta hoon ... paanch ser gosht nikaal leta hoon
From wherever I'll hold you ... I'll remove 5 gms of flesh from there
# 7
Kamaan se nikla teer ... aur zabaan se nikli baat kabhi wapas nahi aati
An arrow that leaves the bow ... and words that leave the mouth can never come back
# 8
Kisi kisi chere par muskaan bahut achchi lagti hai
A smile looks very good on some faces
# 9
Kamzoron par taqat aazmana ... kamzoron ki taqat hai
Applying power on weak people ... is the strength of weak people
# 10
Hamara desh ek sone ki chidiya hai, jise aap log bech-bechkar, bech-bechkar apne pet mein dharna chahte ho ... phat jayega pet, mooh mein nahi aayegi chidiya ... kyun ki ab woh chidiya baaz ban chuki hai ... joh aapko noch-nochke, noch-nochke kha jayegi
Our country is a golden bird which you guys have sold to feed your stomach ... your stomach will blow up, but this bird will not come in your mouth ... because now that bird has become an eagle ... who will tear you into pieces and eat you
# 11
Aaj har lamha ek jeevan ki tarah jeeyenge
Today we will live every moment like an entire life
# 12
Inhe sirf todna aata hai bhook ke naam par, lalach ke naam par, bhasha ke naam par ... aur hum mein sirf batna aata hai dharm ke naam par, jaat ke naam par, raj ke naam par, raja ke naam par
They only know to break in the name of hunger, in the name of greed, in the name of language ... and we only know how to divide in the name of religion, in the name of caste, in the name of rule, in the name of the king
# 13
Pindari ka haath ... haath nahi loha hota hai
The hand of a free army man is not a hand ... it is iron
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