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Ek Villain

Release Year - 2014
# 1
Jab tak hum kisi ke humdard nahi bante ... tab tak hum dard se aur dard humse juda nahi hota
Until someone sympathizes with us ... till then we don't leave pain and neither does pain leave us
# 2
Nafrat ko nafrat nahi, sirf pyar mitta sakta hai ... bas zaroorat hai kisi ke haath ki ... joh kheench kar usse andheron mein se ujalon mein la sake
Hatred cannot erase hatred, only love can ... you just need a hand ... that can pull you from darkness into light
# 3
Zindagi ko aaisi party ki tarah jeena chahti hoon ki maut jab aaye na ... toh saath behetkar do drink maarkar, jaan lekar chali jaye
I want to live life like a party so that when death comes ... it has a couple of drinks with me and then takes my life away
# 4
Zindagi mein ek hassi woh hoti hai joh insaan apne gham ko chupane ke liye khud seekhta hai ... aur ek hassi woh hoti hai joh insaan ke saare gham bhula deti hai
In life there is one smile which a person learns himself to hide his sorrow ... and there is one smile that makes a person forget all his sorrow
# 5
Main tujhe marne nahi doonga ... lekin main tujhe roz maaroonga ... ek baar nahi hazar baar maaroonga
I won't let you die ... but I will kill you everyday ... not once but I will kill you a 1000 times
# 6
Andhere ko andhera nahi ... sirf roshni mitta sakti hai
Darkness cannot erase darkness ... only light can erase it
# 7
Muskurane mein na koi tax nahi lagta
There is no tax incurred when you smile
# 8
Tere jism se behte khoon ke har ek katre ka hisaab rakhoonga main ... teri aakhri saans ko bhi mutthi mein bandh rakhoonga main ... tujhe itna maroonga ki dard jeete ji tere jism ko bhi hoga ... aur cheenk marne ke baad tere rooh se bhi niklegi
I will keep an account of every blood drop that drops from your body ... I will keep your last breathe locked in my fist ... I will hit you so much that your body will feel the pain while you live ... and your soul will scream even after you die
# 9
Kehte hain maut bin bulaye aa jaati hai ... lekin main maut ke samne roz khada ho jaata hoon ... begani shaadi mein Abdullah deewana bankar
It is said that death comes without any invitation ... but I stand in front of death everyday ... just like an uninvited guest in a wedding
# 10
Main jaanti hoon tum doli sajake rakhne waalon mein se nahi ho ... goli chalake thokne waalon mein se ho
I know that you are not someone who will come with a decorated palanquin ... instead you are someone who will fire a bullet and kill
# 11
Shaitan ki ek khasiyat hai ... apne hi janaze mein shamil hona uski fitrat hai ... nafrat uska hathyar, gussa uska barood ... humdardi usse aati nahi aur pyar koi usse karta nahi
The devil has one specialty ... it's in his nature to be present in his own funeral ... hatred is his weapon, anger is his gunpowder ... he doesn't know to sympathize and no one loves him
# 12
Tum sabki nikalti jaan ke saath ... meri har chinta, sari stress bhi nikal jaati hai
With the departing life of all you people ... my every concern and stress also goes away
# 13
Jab tera dard kam ho jayega ... jab tera har zakhm bhar jayega ... main phir aaonga tujhe naye zakhm dene ... aaj se yahi hai tera muqaddar, yahi hai teri sazaa
When your pain reduces ... when every wound of yours will heal ... I'll come again to give you new wounds ... from today this is your destiny and your punishment
# 14
Gunahgar hamesha wahi lautta hai jahan usne gunah kiya hai ... aur aashiq hamesha wahi lautta hai jahan usne aashiqui ki hai
A criminal always returns to the place where he had committed the crime ... and a lover always returns to the place where he had made love
# 15
Zyadatar insaan pehda hota aam hai, jeeta aam hai, marta aam hai ... bade parde pe ya duniya mein na sahi ... kam se kam usse apne ghar pe, apne apno ke nazaron mein toh hero hona chahiye
Mostly a person is born as a common man, lives as a common man, dies as a common man ... so maybe not on the big screen or in the world ... but at least he should be a hero in his own house, in front of his dear ones
# 16
Har love story mein ek hero hota hai, ek heroine aur ek villain
In every love story there is a hero, a heroine and a villain
# 17
Is andhere ko roshni koi diya nahi ... sirf teri chitta ki aag de sakti hai
No lamp can give light to this darkness ... only the fire of your pyre can
# 18
Tu jitna marne ke liye marega ... utni hi tujhe zindagi milegi
The more you die to die ... that much more life you'll get
# 19
Aaj ke baad aapko shikayat ka mauka nahi milega
From today you won't get a chance to complain
# 20
Hum middle class log hai ... upper class aur lower class ke beech mein sandwich bane huye hai
We are middle class people ... who have become a sandwich between upper class and lower class
# 21
Tum sabke dard mein mujhe khushi nahi milti ... sukoon milta hai
With the pain of all you people I don't get happiness ... I get peace
# 22
He is two rupees people
He is a low class person
Song Lyrics - Ek Villain
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