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Pulkit Samrat

# 1
Har sher mein alfaaz toh hote hai ... par har alfaaz shayari nahi ... pyar toh sab karte hai ... par har pyar junooniyat nahi
In every poem there are words ... but not every word is a poem ... everyone falls in love ... but not each and every love is passionate
# 2
Hum kitne din jiye yeh zaroori nahi ... hum un dino mein kitna jeeye yeh zaroori hai
How many days we live is not important ... what's important is how much we live in those days
# 3
Kabhi kabhi ek pal mein zindagi bhar ka pyar mil jaata hai ... aur kabhi kabhi zindagi bhar dhoondo, ek pal ka pyar bhi nahi milta
Sometimes in one moment we get the love that we need for our entire life ... and sometimes even after searching for your entire life, you don't get love even for a moment
# 4
Ek hawa chhuke gayi abhi abhi ... chandni pighal abhi abhi ... yeh mujhe kya ho gaya ... yeh kahan main kho gaya
Just now a gust of wind has touched me ... just now the moonlight has melted ... what has happened to me ... where have I lost myself
# 5
Tumhe itni baar kho chuka hoon ki ab toh aankhen bhi band karne se darr lagta hai
I've lost you so many times that now I'm even scared to close my eyes
# 6
Badhe sheharon mein shayad is liye itna shor hota hai ... taaki koi apne dil ki awaaz na sun paye
No wonder why there is so much noise in big cities ... so that no one can hear the voice of their heart
# 7
Jahan pyar hota hai wahan khalish nahi hoti ... aur agar khalish ho toh samjho pyar tha hi nahi
Where there is love, there is no pain ... and if pain is there, then understand that there was no love
# 8
Kuch galiyan, kuch ghar yaadon ki tarah hote hai ... hum mein ek pal mein hi apne paas le aate hai
Some lanes and some houses are like memories ... in one moment itself they attract us towards them
# 9
Har din, har raat tera khayal rehta hai ... har waqt, har pal bas ek sawaal rehta hai ... tum bin jiya jaye kaise, kaise jiya jaye tum bin ... muskuraya tune joh taare bhi sharma gaye ... dil ki dhadkan badh gayi toh hum bhi kuch ghabra gaye ... aye hawa behki hawa chhuna usse tehzeeb se ... mere pyar ka paighaam dena chupke chupke kareeb se
Every day, every night I think about you ... every moment, every second I only have this one question ... how can I live with you ... even the stars felt shy when you smiled ... even I got scared when my heartbeats got faster ... hey swaying wind, touch her with respect ... give her the message of my love secretly and from close by
# 10
Jalte hai log na jaane kyun mere junoon se ... arre ek baar toh dekh liya hota mera hunar sukoon se
I don't know why people fear my passion ... for once at least see my talent with peace
# 11
Kuch logon se hum bewajah muskurakar milte hai ... aur kuch logon se milkar hum bewajah hi muskura dete hai
We smilingly meet some people just like that ... and after meeting some people we smile just like that
# 12
Jab tumhare haath mere haathon mein aate hai ... toh pata hi nahi chalta ki kaunsi ungliyan tumhari hai aur kaunsi meri
When your hands come in my hands ... then I don't come to know as to which fingers are yours and which are mine
# 13
Hum mein hamesha sikhaya jaata hai jitna tezz daud loge utna aage nikal jaoge ... par wahan khushi milegi ya nahi ... yeh koi nahi batata
We are always taught that, the faster you run the further you'll get ... but will we find happiness there or not ... no one tells us that
# 14
Woh hawa joh tujhe chhuke gayi mujhe chhu jaaye, ek baar ... ek baar teri khushboo mujh mein simat jaaye, ek baar ... ek baar toh apne pallu se sehla ... ek baar toh apne rang phaila ... ek baar phir se deewana bana ... bas ek baar ... ek baar tere aansun meri hatheli mein tham jaaye ... ek baar teri hansi se mera aangan bhar jaaye, ek baar ... ek baar toh apna haath bada ... ek baar toh gale se laga ... chhu loon tujhe bas ek baar toh ho jaaye rab ka deedar, ek baar ... tu hai toh main hoon, tu hai toh hi hai yeh jaan ... ek baar, ek baar, bas ek baar
For once I wish that the breeze that has touched you touches me as well ... for once I wish your fragrance dissolves in me ... for once caress me with your scarf ... for once spread your colours ... for once make me crazy once again ... just for once ... for once may your tears stop in my hands ... for once may my courtyard get filled with your laughter ... for once give your hand to me ... for once embrace me ... for once if I touch you then I'll get a glimpse of god ... I'm there due to you, my life is there due to you ... for once, for once, just for once
# 15
Ae dil tu kyun rota hai ... yeh duniya hai, yahan aisa hi hota hai ... aankhon se tapke aansun toh unhe chupaya ja sakta hai ... lekin jab dil roye, ae zalim toh kya kijiye
Hey my heart, why are you crying ... these kind of things happen in the world ... if tears drop from the eyes then you can hide them ... but hey cruel one, when the heart cries then what can you do
# 16
Kuch log aise hote hai joh dil ke band darwaze par dastak dete rehte hai ... aur kuch log aise joh band darwaza dekhkar khidki se andar aa jaate hai
There are some people who keep knocking on the closed door of the heart ... and there are some people who look at the closed door and come in through the window
# 17
Tumhari zindagi mein ek din aisa zaroor aayega, jab tum neend se jagogi aur apni life ko phir se rewind karke jeena chahogi ... par tab waqt nahi hoga ... humein jeena hai toh aaj jeeye, ab jeeye, ek doosre ke saath jeeye ... taaki life phir kabhi rewind karne ki zaroorat na pade
A day will definitely come in your life when you'll wake up from your sleep and you'll want to rewind your life to relive it once again ... but at that moment you won't have any time ... we should live in today, we should live in the present, we should live together ... so that there's never a need to rewind your life to relive it
# 18
Aisi koi paheli nahi joh maine suljhai nahi ... joh na suljhe aisi fariyaad aayi nahi
There's not a riddle that I haven't solved ... what can't be solved, a request like that has never come
# 19
Umeed pe nahi ... jugaad pe duniya kayam hai
Not on hope ... the world survives on hacking
# 20
Meri life mein toh koi problem nahi hai ... issi liye main logon ki problem solve karta hoon
There's no problem in my life ... that's why I solve the problems of others
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