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Technology & Science Dialogues

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# 1
Computer ne insaan ko nahi banaya hai ... insaan ne computer ko banaya hai ... is liye joh dimaag kar sakta hai, woh aapka computer nahi kar sakta hai
The computer did not make humans ... the humans made the computer ... that's why what a mind can do, a computer can't
# 2
I love you to the square of infinity
I love you to the square of infinity
# 3
Rishton mein bharosa aur mobile pe network na ho toh log game khelne lagte hai
If there is no trust in between relationships and no network on a mobile then people start playing games
# 4
I wanna BB you, mail you, tweet you, skype you ... aur agar tumne phir bhi jawaab nahi diya na ... I'll poke you
I wanna BB you, mail you, tweet you, skype you ... and if you still don't reply ... I'll poke you
# 5
Mobile uska, sim apun ka ... tu beech mein missed call dene waala kaun ... behen uski, byah apun ka ... tu beech mein taang adhane waala kaun
The mobile is his and the sim is mine ... who the hell are you to give a missed call in between ... it's his sister and my wedding ... who the hell are you to put your foot in between
# 6
Tum oxygen aur main double hydrogen ... hamari chemistry ekdum pani ki tarah hai
You are oxygen and I am double hydrogen ... our chemistry is just like water
# 7
Connection bhi na kamaal ki cheez hai ... bas ho gaya toh ho gaya ... Wi-Fi, bluetooth se bhi zyada strong hai apna connection
Connection is a very strange thing ... it just happens ... our connection is stronger than Wi-Fi and bluetooth
# 8
Joh main bolta hoon, woh main karta hoon ... aur joh main nahi bolta hoon, woh main WhatsApp karta hoon
Whatever I say, I do that ... and whatever I don't say, I simply WhatsApp that
# 9
Abhe tu aadmi hai yah Google?
Are you a man or Google?
# 10
Alpha, beta, gamma, theta ... joh hai sexy woh hai jeeta
Alpha, beta, gamma, theta ... the one who is sexy will win
# 11
Speed one terahertz, memory one zettabyte
Speed one terahertz, memory one zettabyte
# 12
Aaj kal shareef sirf woh hota hai jiske mobile mein password nahi hota hai
Nowadays only those people are honest who don't have a password on their mobile phone
# 13
Yeh shakal se H20 hai aur akal se H2SO4 hai
He is H2O (water) by face and H2SO4 (sulfuric acid) by brains
# 14
Direct connection ki speed se pyar hota hai ... aur utni aasani se logout bhi ho jaata hai
Love happens at the speed of a direct connection ... and that easily it logs out
# 15
There's no science without experiments
There's no science without experiments
# 16
Mere scientist ban'ne ka koi matlab nahi hai ... agar mera science mere desh ke kaam na aaye
There's no use of me becoming a scientist ... if my science isn't going to help my country
# 17
Soocho main idea hoti aur tum technology ... hamari patang kya mast udhti na
Imagine if I was an idea and if you were technology ... our kite would fly nice and high
# 18
Relationship TV screen ki images ki tarah hoti hai ... woh images badalti hai aur tabhi ek story banti hai
Relationship is like a set of images of a TV screen ... those images change and then a story forms
# 19
Main dikhta ek insaan hoon par hoon ek machine
I look like a human but I am a machine
# 20
Robo hai tu robo, corporate robo ... tere hardware mein koi soft feelings hi nahi hai
You're a robot, a corporate robot ... there are no soft feelings in your hardware
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