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Shraddha Kapoor

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# 1
Dil ko zubaan, aankhon ko sapne mil gaye ... aashiqui mein, zindagi ko mainne mil gaye
The heart got a language, the eyes got dreams ... in love, life got its meaning
# 2
Tumhare ishq se bani hoon main ... pehle zinda thi ... ab jee rahi hoon main
I am made from your love ... first I was alive ... now I am living
# 3
Jab tak hum kisi ke humdard nahi bante ... tab tak hum dard se aur dard humse juda nahi hota
Until someone sympathizes with us ... till then we don't leave pain and neither does pain leave us
# 4
Mere bure waqt mein tum the mere saath ... ab agar achche waqt mein tum nahi ... toh yeh waqt bhi mujhe nahi chahiye
Your were with me in my bad times ... and now if you aren't there in my good times ... then I don't want this time also
# 5
Nafrat ko nafrat nahi, sirf pyar mitta sakta hai ... bas zaroorat hai kisi ke haath ki ... joh kheench kar usse andheron mein se ujalon mein la sake
Hatred cannot erase hatred, only love can ... you just need a hand ... that can pull you from darkness into light
# 6
Zindagi ko aaisi party ki tarah jeena chahti hoon ki maut jab aaye na ... toh saath behetkar do drink maarkar, jaan lekar chali jaye
I want to live life like a party so that when death comes ... it has a couple of drinks with me and then takes my life away
# 7
Andhere ko andhera nahi ... sirf roshni mitta sakti hai
Darkness cannot erase darkness ... only light can erase it
# 8
Muskurane mein na koi tax nahi lagta
There is no tax incurred when you smile
# 9
Main jaanti hoon tum doli sajake rakhne waalon mein se nahi ho ... goli chalake thokne waalon mein se ho
I know that you are not someone who will come with a decorated palanquin ... instead you are someone who will fire a bullet and kill
# 10
Main tumhari girlfriend nahi hoon ... par I can be your half girlfriend
I'm not your girlfriend ... but I can be your half girlfriend
# 11
Kuch cheezein aisi toot'ti hai ki unka doobara judna possible nahi hota ... sirf daraarein reh jaati hai
Some things break in such a way that, you can't reconnect them ... only rifts are left behind
# 12
Jab do log ek saath pyar mein rehte hai ... toh aadat pad jaati hai ek doosre ki ... aur waqt aane pad na aadat chhut'ti hai na pyar
When two people live together being in love ... then you get habituated with each other ... and when the time comes you can't leave the habit nor your love
# 13
Tu bahut aage jayega ... kyun ki tu jahan bhi jayega na ... log bolenge chal beta aage bhad
You will go very forward in life ... because wherever you'll go ... people will say that, come on move ahead and go away
# 14
Hamara rishta din aur raat jaisa hai ... dono ek doosre ke mohtaj hai ... aur ek saath reh bhi nahi sakte
Our relationship is like day and night ... we both are dependent on each other ... and we can't live together as well
# 15
We dance to express and you dance to impress
We dance to express and you dance to impress
# 16
Just because we don't have them ... doesn't mean we don't know how to kick them
Just because we don't have them ... doesn't mean we don't know how to kick them
# 17
Chote kaamo mein dhamkane ke liye main koi gali ka gunda nahi thi ... par mere gharwalon ko koi chot pahunchaye toh khamosh behatne ke liye main koi sant bhi nahi thi
I'm not a cheap goon who'll threaten for small issues ... but if someone hurts my family members then I'm not a saint either who'll stay quiet
# 18
Logon ne izzat bakshi ... maine qubool ki
People gave me respect ... I just accepted it
# 19
Aapne mere bhai ke bare mein pada hai ... maine mere bhai ko pada hai
You've read about my brother ... but I've read my brother
# 20
Mujhe is baat ka afsoos nahi hai ki main tujhe nahi jaanti ... is baat ka afsoos hai ki tu mujhe nahi jaanti
I don't regret the fact that I don't know you ... but I regret the fact that you don't know me
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