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# 121
Pran dene se paap ka anth nahi hota ... punya ke prabhav se hota hai
Sins don't end by ending your life ... they end with the effects of virtue
# 122
Jis koshish mein shiddat na ho woh koshish kis kaam ki
An attempt that's done without passion is of no use
# 123
Banta nahi hero muscle yah metal parts se ... banta hai aur mitta hai superhero sirf apne heart se
A hero is not made from muscles or metal parts ... a superhero is made and perished only by his heart
# 124
Hamari amma bachpan se sikhayi ... haaro mat ... haar ko harao
My mother has taught me this since childhood ... don't lose ... instead defeat the loss
# 125
Story mein hero ho ya na ho ... story hero honi chahiye
The story may have a hero or not ... the story itself must be a hero
# 126
Koi yeh bhoolke bhi na soche ki hum mein ab zindagi nahi bachi ... jitni bhi hai, jaisi bhi hai ... zindagi bahut khoobsurat hai
No one should ever think that there is no life left in me now ... how much ever it is, howsoever it is ... life is very beautiful
# 127
Jo nahin ho sakt ... wahi tho karna hai
What is not possible ... is what I want to do
# 128
Tu khelta hoga toofano se, humne toh toofan paale hai ... joh darte hai so marte hai, hum markar jeene waale hai
You may have played with the storms, but I have nourished the storms ... people who are scared will die, but I am someone who will live even after being dead
# 129
Meri zarooratein kam hai ... is liye mere zameer mein dum hai
My needs are very less ... that's why my conscience is strong
# 130
Agar silver jeeti toh aaj nahi toh kal log tanne bhool javenge ... gold jeeti toh misaal ban javegi ... aur misaalein di jaati hai beta, bhooli nahi jaati
If you win the silver medal then either today or tomorrow people will forget you ... but you'll become an example if you win the gold medal ... and examples are given, you don't forget them
# 131
Kal ki baat karne waala kal nahi marta ... kal ki baat karne waala aaj marta hai ... sirf aaj ka sochne waale ke haathon ... aur main sirf abhi ki sochta hoon
The one who talks about tomorrow, doesn't die tomorrow ... the one who talks about tomorrow, dies today ... only from the hands of the one who thinks about today ... and I only think about the present
# 132
Insaan ko dibbe mein sirf tab hona chahiye ... jab woh mar chuka ho
A person should only be in a box ... after death
# 133
Insaan ki umar utni hi hoti hai jitni woh feel karta hai
A person is as old as he feels
# 134
Ek aam teacher padhata hai ... ek acha teacher samjhata hai ... bahut acha teacher ho toh khud karke batata hai ... lekin kuch teachers hote hai joh humein inspire karke jaate hai zindagi bhar ke liye
An ordinary teacher teaches ... a good teacher explains ... a very good teacher shows an example by doing himself ... but there are some teachers who inspire us for the entire life
# 135
Soch agar pakki ho toh ek tinka bhi talwaar mein badal sakta hai
If your thoughts are strong then even a particle can turn into a sword
# 136
Har insaan do zindagiyon ke saath aata hai ... ek joh usse milti hai aur ek joh woh khud banata hai
Every person comes with two life's ... one that he gets and the other that he himself makes
# 137
Dushman aadmi ko maar sakta hai ... uske adharshon ko nahi
An enemy can kill a human ... but not his ideals
# 138
Pighle neelam sa behta hua yeh samaan, neeli neeli si khamoshiyan, na kahin hai zameen na kahin aasmaan ... sarsaraati huyi tehniyan pattiyan, keh rahi hai ki bas ek tum ho yahan ... sirf main hoon meri saansein hai aur meri dhadkane, aisi gehraiyan, aisi tanhaiyan, aur main sirf main ... apne hone pe mujhko yakeen aa gaya
This moment flows like a molten sapphire with deep blue silence, neither there is the earth nor the sky ... the rustling branches and leaves, are saying that only you are here ... only me, my breathe and my heartbeat, the deepness, the loneliness, and me and only me ... all makes me believe in my existence
# 139
Jeeyo itna ki zindagi kam padh jaave ... hasso itna ki rona mushkil ho jaave ... gusse ko thook do aur haste haste apne dushmano ko phook do
Live so much that life feels short ... laugh so much that crying becomes hard ... spit your anger out and laughingly eliminate your enemy
# 140
It is so simple to be happy ... but it is so difficult to be simple
It is so simple to be happy ... but it is so difficult to be simple
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