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# 61
Zindagi mein aksar kuch zyada paane ki chah mein ... hum woh kho dete hai joh hamare paas hai
Often with the wish to achieve more in life ... we lose what we have
# 62
Maangi hui cheez lautani parti hai Sir ... main kamana chahta hoon
Sir, the thing that you ask for has to be returned ... I want to earn it
# 63
Vaar karna hai toh samne waale ke goal par nahi ... samnewaale ke dimag par karo ... goal khud-ba-khud ho jayega
If you want to attack, don't attack the opponents goal ... attack the opponents mind ... the goal will come by itself
# 64
Aadmi ka khud pe bharosa, uski taqat hoti hai
A person's strength is the confidence he has on himself
# 65
Zindagi mein teen cheez kabhi underestimate nahi karna ... I, Me and Myself!
In life don't underestimate three things ... I, Me and Myself!
# 66
Insaan apne liye gaye faislo se hi bada hota hai
A man gets bigger by the decisions he takes
# 67
Teachers sirf rules sikhate hai ... lekin winners, winners rules banate hai
Teachers only teach the rules ... but winners, winners make the rules
# 68
Aap thank you mat kahiye ... instead teen logon ki madad ki jiye aap ... aur un teeno se kehna ki woh teen aur ki madad karen ... duniya badal jayegi
Don't say thank you ... instead you help three people ... and ask those three people to help three others ... the world will change
# 69
It is very good to be important ... but it is more important to be good
It is very good to be important ... but it is more important to be good
# 70
Jab hum apne aap ko achchi tarah samajh lete hai ... toh doosre kya samajhte hai, it doesn't matter ... not at all
When we understand ourselves well enough ... then it doesn't matter what others think about us ... not at all
# 71
Sahi aur galat ke beech faisla karna bahut aasaan hai ... lekin do sahi raasto mein se behtar chunana aur do galat raasto mein se munasif ... yahi hamari zindagi ke faisle karte hai
It's easy to choose between right and wrong ... but to choose the better of two right paths and the worse of two wrong paths ... these things make the decisions of our lives
# 72
Hum aaj joh faisla karte hai ... wahi hamare kal ka faisla karega
The decisions that we take today ... decide what our future will be
# 73
Insaaf na kanoon de sakta hai na police ... agar koi insaaf de sakta hai ... to ek insaan doosre insaan ko de sakta hai
Neither law nor police can give justice ... if anyone can give justice ... then one person can give justice to another person
# 74
Insaaniyat ka mazhab har mazhab se ooncha hota hai
The religion of humanity is bigger than all religions
# 75
Bandhe perfect nahi hote ... rishtey perfect hote hai
People are not perfect ... relationships are perfect
# 76
Kuch log ithihaas padhte hai kuch padhaate hai ... lekin hum ithihaas banane jaa rahe hai
Some people read history and some teach it ... but we are going to create history
# 77
Galatiyan sabse hoti hai ... but life is all about a second chance
Everyone commits mistakes ... but life is all about a second chance
# 78
Albert Einstein ne kaha tha ... pagal woh hota hai joh roz roz same kaam karta hai ... magar chahta hai ki nateeja alag ho
Albert Einstein had said that ... a person is mad when he does the same work everyday ... but still expects the result to be different
# 79
Khoon bahana koi badi baat nahi hai ... chahe woh apna ho yah samne waale ka ... badi baat toh yeh hai ki jism se tapka hua ek boond khoon, aane waali nasal ke saare ke saare khoon mein ubaala la sakta hai yah nahi
Shedding blood is not a big thing ... be it our own or someone else's ... the big thing is that whether a single drop of blood from the body, can boil the entire blood of the coming generation or not
# 80
Ek kal hamare peeche hai, ek kal hamare baad ... aaj, aaj ki baat karo, aaj hamare saath
One day is behind us, one day is after us ... today, talk about today, today is with us
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