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# 141
Saat minute, saat minute hai tumhare paas ... aaj is stage pe kaise dance karna hai yeh main tumko nahi batayegi ... kya malum aaj ke baad hum sab saath mein hoyenge ki nahi hoyenge ... aaisa chance milenga ki nahi milenga ... lekin aaj agar is team ka har ek dancer apni zindagi ka best dance karenga na ... toh aai shapath yeh saat minute tumse koi nahi cheen sakta ... gods bhi nahi
You have 7 minutes ... today I won't tell you guys how to dance on this stage ... who knows whether we'll be together or not after today ... whether we'll get a chance like this or not ... but today if every dancer of this team does their best dance ... then I swear on my mother that, no one will be able to steal these 7 minutes from you ... not even god
# 142
Tum kabhi jeet nahin paye ... kyunki tum hamesha mujhe harane ki soochte the ... aur main kabhi hara nahin ... kyunki main hamesha jeetne ki soochta tha
You never won ... because you always thought about defeating me ... and I never lost ... because I always thought about winning
# 143
Aaj tak hum sab log ek galat direction mein effort karte rahe hai ... we should save our boys, not our girls ... because if we save our boys then our girls will be safe
Till today we all have given our efforts in the wrong direction ... we should save our boys, not our girls ... because if we save our boys then our girls will be safe
# 144
Jaise til mein tel hai, jyon chakmak mein aag ... tera Sai tujh mein hai, tu jaag sake toh jaag
Like oil in sesame, and fire in flint stone ... your God is within you, realize that if you can
# 145
Shareer qaid kiya jaa sakta hai ... vichaar nahi
A body can be captivated ... but ideas cannot be
# 146
Chaand par pahuchna ho toh sitaron par nahi ruka karte ... woh toh khud girte rehte hai
If you want to reach to the moon then don't stop at the stars ... they themselves keep falling
# 147
Life mein jab time kam rehta hai na ... double jeene ka, double
In life when you have less time ... live double, double
# 148
Faanoos banke jiski hifaazat hawa kare ... woh shama kya bhuje jise roshan khuda kare
When a lamp gets protection from the wind ... then no one can blow the candle that is lit by God
# 149
Meri sirf ek hi khawaish hai ... jab maut mere samne aaye tab main darra hua na lagon ... bas mera haath meri mooch ko taav de raha ho aur mere chehre par ek muskurahat ho
I have only one wish ... that I should not be scared when death comes in front of me ... and instead my hand should be raising my moustache and there should be a smile on my face
# 150
Sieze the day my friend ... pehle is din ko poori tarah jiyo, phir chalis ke bare mein soochna
Sieze the day my friend ... first live today to the fullest, then think about when you become 40 years old
# 151
Joh aadmi risk nahin leta ... uska sab kuch risky ho jaata hai
One who does not take a risk ... everything of that person becomes risky
# 152
Apne bhagwan ki raksha karna band karo ... nahi toh is gola mein insaan nahi sirf joota reh jayega
Stop protecting your god ... or else only shoes will be left on this planet and not humans
# 153
Koi bhi rishta kitna bhi mahaan, kitna bhi bada kyun na ho ... uske khatam ho jane se zindagi khatam nahi hoti
No matter how great and how big a relation is ... life does not end when that relation ends
# 154
Genius toh woh hota hai jiske paas character ho ... genius toh woh hota hai joh har paristithi mein zindagi ki ladai ladta hai aur jeet'ta hai ... woh genius hai
A genius is someone who has character ... a genius is someone who fights with life under any circumstances and wins ... such a person is called a genius
# 155
Safe feel karne ke liye pehle saare dar mitana zaroori hai
To feel safe you first need to remove all your fears
# 156
Yeh sach hai ki har dharam ne ek rang ko chun liya hai, par rang ka toh koi dharam nahi hota ... haan kabhi kabhi insaan ka mann kaala zaroor ho jaata hai joh usse rang mein bhi dharam dikhai deta hai
It's true that every religion has selected one colour, but colour itself has no religion ... yes, sometimes the heart of a human becomes black and he sees religion in colours as well
# 157
Aane waale kal ke liye umeedein karne se vadiya hai ... aasi aaj nu behtar banaye
Better than hoping for tomorrow ... is to make your today better
# 158
Nafrat bahut soch samajhkar karni chahiye ... kyun ki ek din hum bhi wahi ban jaate hai, jise hum nafrat karte hai
You should hate someone only after careful thinking ... because one day even we become the person, whom we have the hatred for
# 159
Sikka dono ka hota hai, heads ka bhi aur tails ka bhi ... par waqt sirf uska aata hai joh palatkar upar aata hai
A coin belongs to both, heads and tails ... but time only stays on the side of the one who turns around and rises
# 160
Kisi aur ko badalne ke liye ... khud ko badalna zaroori hota hai
To change someone ... it's important that we ourselves change
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