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Happy New Year

Release Year - 2014
# 1
Roti ke bina insaan chaar hafte jee sakta hai, pani ke bina chaar din aur hawa ke bina shayad chaar minute ... lekin umeed ke bina insaan chaar second bhi nahi jee sakta hai
A person can live for 4 weeks without food, 4 days without water and may be 4 minutes without air ... but a person can't even live for 4 seconds without hope
# 2
Kismat badi kutti cheez hai ... saali kabhi bhi palat jaati hai
Destiny is a bitch ... bloody it can change anytime
# 3
Duniya mein do tarah ke log hote hai ... winners and losers ... lekin zindagi har loser ko woh ek mauka zaroor deti hai ... jis mein woh winner ban sakta hai
In this world there are two types of people ... winners and losers ... but life definitely gives every loser that one chance ... in which he can become a winner
# 4
Haaro toh haaro ... par izzat mat utaaro
If you lose that's fine ... but don't lose your respect
# 5
Dance na ek puja hai ... dance ek art hai art
Dance is worship ... dance is an art
# 6
Kismat bahut hi sahi cheez hai ... agar iraadon mein dum ho toh saali palat hi jaati hai
Luck is a very good thing ... if your intentions are strong then it definitely turns
# 7
Madar ... chhod na yaar!
Mother ... just forget it!
# 8
Jitni khushi aapko hamare yahan aane se ho rahi hai ... usse kahin zyada dukh hamare jane pe hoga
The amount of happiness that you have by us coming here ... more than that sadness you will have when we go from here
# 9
Saat minute, saat minute hai tumhare paas ... aaj is stage pe kaise dance karna hai yeh main tumko nahi batayegi ... kya malum aaj ke baad hum sab saath mein hoyenge ki nahi hoyenge ... aaisa chance milenga ki nahi milenga ... lekin aaj agar is team ka har ek dancer apni zindagi ka best dance karenga na ... toh aai shapath yeh saat minute tumse koi nahi cheen sakta ... gods bhi nahi
You have 7 minutes ... today I won't tell you guys how to dance on this stage ... who knows whether we'll be together or not after today ... whether we'll get a chance like this or not ... but today if every dancer of this team does their best dance ... then I swear on my mother that, no one will be able to steal these 7 minutes from you ... not even god
# 10
Badi badi fights mein aaisi choti choti maar toh lagti rehti hai
In big big fights such small small injuries do happen
# 11
Maut uske liye bahut choti sazaa hai ... insaaf toh tab hoga jab woh maut ke liye tadapega aur usse maut nahi milegi
Death is a very small punishment for him ... justice will be done when he will cry for death and he won't get death
# 12
Nandu Bhide ... dimaag mein keede!
Nandu Bhide ... bugs the brain!
# 13
No Hindustani, suit Armani ... ek thappad khani, mooh pe barah baj jaani
This suit is not Indian, it's Armani ... one slap I'll give you and your face will frown
# 14
Kaun kambhakt bardaash karne ko pitta hai ... hum toh pitate hai ki roz yahan aa sake ... maar kha sake, bhav gira sake
Who the hell wants to get beaten to bear the pain ... I get beaten so that I can come here everyday ... so that I can get hit and then drop the price
# 15
Ladkiyon ko IQ nahi CQ chahiye ... "Cool Quotient"
Girls don't want IQ (Intelligence Quotient), they want CQ ... "Cool Quotient"
Song Lyrics - Happy New Year
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