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Jannat 2

Release Year - 2012
# 1
Log apni zindagi banate hai ... main apni jannat banata hoon
People make their own life ... I make my own heaven
# 2
Saath mein picture dekhi, samose khaye, haath pakda ... uske baad kiss ka hi number aata hai na?
Saw a movie together, ate samosas, held hands ... after that kiss comes right?
# 3
Jhoot bolta nahi ... sach samajhta nahi
I don't speak lies ... I don't understand truth
# 4
Logo ke haath mein gun nahi hogi toh woh ek doosre ko chaku se maarenge ... chaku nahi rahega toh dande se maarenge ... lekin maarenge zaroor
If people don't have a gun in their hand then they will kill each other with a knife ... if there is no knife they will kill with a stick ... but they will definitely kill
# 5
Gale lagata hoon bas ... gale mein latkata nahi hoon kisi ko
I only hug people ... I don't tie them to my neck
# 6
Jis din sab barabar ho gaye ... society ke saare problem khatam
The day when all become equal ... all problems of the society will end
# 7
Insaan ki zindagi mein kuch haadse aaise hote hai ... jis mein woh bach toh jaata hai ... lekin zinda nahi rehta
There are some incidents that happen in a man's life ... in which he survives ... but he doesn't stay alive
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