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# 161
Nafrat bahut soch samajhkar karni chahiye ... kyun ki ek din hum bhi wahi ban jaate hai, jise hum nafrat karte hai
You should hate someone only after careful thinking ... because one day even we become the person, whom we have the hatred for
# 162
Life mein joh hum chahte hai aur joh hum chunte hai ... uske beech mein hamari kamzori chupi hoti hai ... aur kabhi kabhi taqat
In life what we desire and what we choose ... in between that our weaknesses are hidden ... and sometimes our strengths
# 163
Aane waale kal ke liye umeedein karne se vadiya hai ... aasi aaj nu behtar banaye
Better than hoping for tomorrow ... is to make your today better
# 164
Yeh dukh naam ki bimari ka ilaaj kisi doctor ke paas bhi nahi ... iska ilaaj khud dhoondna padta hai ... dukh ko bhoolna parta hai
No doctor has the cure for the disease of grief ... one has to find the cure for it themselves ... one has to forget grief
# 165
Life mein sabse bada risk hota hai ... kabhi koi risk na lena
The biggest risk in life is ... to never take any risk
# 166
Khoobsurati woh nahi hoti joh aaine mein dikhai de ... khoobsurati woh hoti hai joh aaine mein nazar na aaye
Beauty is not what you see in the mirror ... beauty is what you can't see in the mirror
# 167
Ladai goliyo se nahin ... dil se jeeti jaati hai
A war is not won by bullets ... it is won by the heart
# 168
Medalist pedh pe nahi ughte ... unhe banana padta hai ... pyar se, mehnat se, lagan se
Medalist don't grow on trees ... you have to nurture them ... with love, with hard work, with dedication
# 169
Darrne mein koi burai nahi hai ... bas apne darr ko itna bada mat bana do ... ke tumhe aage badne se rok le
There is nothing wrong in being scared ... just don't let your fear be so big ... that it stops you from moving ahead
# 170
Har bachche ki apni khoobi hoti hai, apni kaabiliyat hoti hai, apni chahat hoti hai
Every child has their own speciality, their own potential, their own likings
# 171
Paap se dharti phati, adharm se aasmaan, atyachaar se kaanpi insaaniyat, raj kar rahe haivaan ... jinki hogi taqat apoorv, jinka hoga nishana abhed, joh karenge inka sarvanaash ... woh kehlayenge Tridev!
The earth is torn by sin, the heavens are cleaved by wrong, atrocities leave humanity trembling, the satans are ruling ... those who will have infinite strength, those who will target the evil unflinchingly, those who will destroy the wrong-doers ... they will be called trinity
# 172
Agar bada player banna hai ... to risk bhi badi leni padti hai
If you want to become a big player ... then you have to take big risks
# 173
Match khatam hone se pehle jeetni ki poori koshish karo ... bhaago, daudo, khelo, ladho, sab kuch ... par ek baar match khatam ho jaaye toh yeh mat socho ki tum haare ya jeete ... balki apne aap se yeh poocho, ki did I give it my very best or not ... aur agar tumhara jawaab haan hai ... then you're a winner
Try your best to win before the match ends ... run, sprint, play, fight, do everything ... but once the match is over, then don't think whether you won or lost ... instead ask yourself a question, that did I give it my very best or not ... and if your answer is yes ... then you're a winner
# 174
Garam se garam kaam karte waqt, dil aur dimag ko thanda rakha karo
Keep your heart and mind cool while doing the hottest of the things
# 175
Agar hamare andar vishvas hai ki hum sahi hai ... toh hamare andar taqat apne aap aa jaati hai
If we have the belief within us that we are right ... then the strength comes to us automatically
# 176
Ek baaghi aur ek sipahi mein zyada farak nahi hota hai ... bas yeh unke maqsad hai joh ek ko baaghi banata hai aur doosre ko sipahi
There is not much difference between a rebel and a soldier ... it's their motive what makes one a rebel and the other a soldier
# 177
Kuch karne ke liye kaayde ki nahi ... iraade ki zaroorat hoti hai
To do something you don't need a rule ... you need an intention
# 178
Agar kisika dukh baatna hi chahte ho ... toh kaam kuch aisa karo ... ke doosro ki zindagi mein khushi aaye
If you want to share someones sorrow ... then do such a work ... which brings happiness in others life
# 179
Woh wish hi kya joh aasaan ho, jisse paane mein na ho todhi si ladai ... mile toh lage kuch hai paaya, varna zindagi toh humne bus yun hi bitai
A wish must not be easy and there should be a small battle in achieving it ... and when it gets fulfilled, it should feel that you have achieved something otherwise we have lived our lives just like that
# 180
Kal toh chala gaya, us pe koi control nahi ... aur aane waala kal toh tabhi sambhalega ... jab aaj kuch thik kar do
Yesterday has gone, we have no control over it ... and tomorrow will only be better ... if you do something right today
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