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Happiness Dialogues

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# 121
Khushi ke gaane toh bilkul phuljadiyon ki tarah hai ... jalte hai aur bhuj jaate hai ... lekin udasi agarbatti ki tarah jalti hai der tak ... aur bhujne ke baad bhi mehakti rehti hai
Songs of happiness are just like sparklers ... they burn and finish off quickly ... but sadness burns long like a incense stick ... and even after going off their fragrance still exists
# 122
MLA janta ka pratineedhi hai, uske sukh dukh ka saathi ... lekin aapne toh un teeno aksharon ka matlab hi badal diya ... "M" for murder, "L" for loot, "A" for Atrocities ... yani atyachar
An MLA (Member of Legislative Assembly) is the representative of the people, he is a companion of their happiness and sadness ... but you have changed the meaning of those 3 letters ... "M" for murder, "L" for loot, "A" for Atrocities ... as in brutality
# 123
Joh mazaa apne bete ko jawan hote dekhkar aata hai ... woh apni jawani mein bhi nahi aata tha
The joy that you get in seeing your son growing young ... that much joy we didn't get in your own youth as well
# 124
Tere vaade pe jaye toh yeh jaan jhoot jana ... ki khushi se mar na jaate agar aitbaar hota
If you think that I believe in your promise, then it's a lie ... if I had faith in you, I would died with happiness
# 125
Baap toh aaise hi hote hai ... khushiyon ka har tukda baant dete hai bachchon mein ... lekin gham ka ek katra bhi nahi choone dete
Fathers are like this only ... they distribute every bit of happiness with their children ... but they don't let even a drop of sadness touch them
# 126
Insaan ko na kuch paane ki khushi honi chahiye aur na kuch khone ka gham
A person should not have the happiness to achieve something and neither the sorrow to lose something
# 127
Zinda rehne ke liye sirf teen cheezein zaroori hai ... hansi, khushi aur phool
To stay alive you need only 3 things ... laughter, happiness and flowers
# 128
Khushi se uchal jayega didi tera jee ... upar jaake dekh, behte hai jijaji
My sister your heart will be so happy ... go and see, brother-in-law is sitting upstairs
# 129
Kya kare pyar ishq mohabbat mein kehna padta hai ... kabhi khushi kabhi gham sehna padta hai ... khullam khulla pyar karenge kehna padta hai
What can I do, you have to say all this in love and romance ... you have to tolerate sometimes happiness and sometimes sadness ... you have to say that we will love openly
# 130
Har ek aadmi ke saath kahi log hote hai phansi ke takhte par, koi akela nahi hota phansi ke takhte par ... uske saath us phande par dum todhta hai uski biwi ka suhaag ... uske bachon ka bhavishya ... uske ghar mein basne waali ek ek khushi ... uske aagan mein utarne waali ek ek kiran ... sabko ek saath phansi ho jaati hai
There are many people who get executed when a person is executed on a scaffold, no one is executed alone ... along with him also dies the life partner of his wife ... the future of his children ... each and every happiness that resides in his house ... each and every ray of sunlight that lands in his veranda ... everything gets executed together
# 131
Yeh aasoon bhi bade baimaan hote hai ... na gham chupane dete hai, na khushi
Tears are very fraudulent ... they don't let you hide sadness and neither happiness
# 132
Ishq, mushq, khassi aur khushi ... chupane pe bhi nahi chup sakte
Love, romance, cough and happiness ... can't be hidden even if you try to
# 133
Life is a cycle ... kabhi khushi deti hai, kabhi gham deti hai
Life is a cycle ... sometimes it gives happiness, sometimes it gives sorrow
# 134
Kadam sambhal ke chalna toh subah bajegi khushiyon ki shehnai ... varna phir tu, tera takiya, aur teri tanhai
If you are careful then there will be music of happiness in the morning ... or else it will be you, your pillow and your loneliness
# 135
Sharaab bhi aaisi cheez hai ... koi gham mein peeta hai toh koi khushi mein ... magar main sharaab is liye peeyonga ... ki ab na gham raha na khushi
Alcohol is such a thing that ... someone drinks in sorrow and someone drinks in happiness ... but I'll drink alcohol because ... now there is no sorrow and no happiness left for me
# 136
Milna bichadna jeevan ki reet hai ... do pehlu hai ... ek gham ka doosra khushi ka
Meeting and separation are part of life ... they are the two sides ... one of sadness and other of happiness
# 137
Kisi ki shab-e-vasl haste kate hai, kisi ki shab-e-hijr rote kate hai ... hamari yeh shab kaisi shab hai ki ya rab, na haste kate hai na rote kate hai
The night of meeting for some people passes by in happiness, the night of separation for some people passes by in sadness ... oh god what kind of night is my night, it doesn't pass by in happiness and neither in sadness
# 138
Pyar doosro ki jaan lena nahi hota ... pyar doosro ko jeene dena hota hai ... zindagi hota hai pyar, doosro ko khushi dena hota hai pyar
Love is not taking the life of others ... love is to let others live ... life is love, giving happiness to others is love
# 139
Pyar, khansi aur khushi ... chupaye se chupte hai kya
Love, cough and happiness ... cannot be kept hidden
# 140
Maa main first class first pass ho gaya hoon
Mom i have passed in first class first
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