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Happiness Dialogues

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# 81
Goals paane ki khushi tabhi mehsoos hoti hai ... jab usse kisi ke saath share kar sako
You feel the happiness of achieving goals ... when you can share that with someone
# 82
Sukh toh bewafaa tawaif ki tarah hai ... joh aaj iske pass, kal uske pass
Happiness is like the unfaithful prostitute ... who is with one today and with another tomorrow
# 83
Doosron ki khushi ke liye toh waise bhi bahut kuch karna padta hai ... apne liye kuch kar
As it is one has to do a lot for the happiness of others ... do something for yourself
# 84
Dono gham se guzrein ya guzrein khushi se ... jahan se bhi guzrein, guzrein apni khushi se
We both will go through sorrow or happiness ... but from wherever we go, we will go at our own will
# 85
Achche dost toh khushiyan baant kar aur bhi khush hote hai
Good friends share happiness and become more happier
# 86
Relationship ka matlab hi hota hai an end to your own happiness
The meaning of relationship is to end your own happiness
# 87
Dukh mein peeyo daru, sukh mein peeyo soup ... ameer aadmi ki party mein, gareeb aadmi chup
Drink alcohol when you're sad, drink soup when you're happy ... a poor man stays quiet in a rich man's party
# 88
Agar tum khush ho toh is liye ki tum khush rehna chahte ho ... aur agar dukhi ho toh is liye ki tum dukhi rehna chahte ho
If you are happy, it's because you want to be happy ... and if you are sad, it's because you want to be sad
# 89
Shaadi ek yagya hota hai ... jis mein aadmi ko sukh paane ke liye apne ahankar ki aahuti deni padti hai
Marriage is a ritual ... in which a person to sacrifice their ego the achieve happiness
# 90
Khushi, khushi tab hoti hai ... jab woh baanti jaaye
Happiness only becomes happiness ... when it is shared
# 91
Kisi ke dukh sukh mein sharik hone ke liye ... koi rishta hona toh zaroori nahi hai
To participate in others happiness and sorrow ... you don't have to be related to them
# 92
Aadmi jab bahut khush hota hai ... roh deta hai
When a person is very happy ... he cries
# 93
Kabhi kabhi khushi ke khatir gham ko gale lagana padhta hai
Sometimes for the sake of happiness one has to hug sadness
# 94
Betiyan gharon mein khushiyan laati hai, pyar laati hai ... lekin apne hisse ki khushi dhoondne ke liye unhe kisi aur ke ghar jaana padta hai
Daughters bring hapiness and love in homes ... but to find their share of happiness they have to go to someone else's house
# 95
Thodi tondh honi chahiye ... sukhi aadmi ki nishani hai
One should have a little bit of belly ... it is the sign of a happy man
# 96
Zindagi ki asli khushi doosron ko khush rakhke haasil ki jaati hai
The real happiness of life is achieved by making others happy
# 97
Mubarak ho sabko saman yeh suhana ... main khush hoon mere aasunyon pe na jaana ... main toh deewana, deewana, deewana
Congratulations to everyone since the environment is so pleasant ... I'm happy, don't go on my tears ... I'm crazy, crazy, crazy
# 98
Tumne bachpan se lekar aaj tak mujhe bahut khushiyan di hai ... har baar ek muskurahat khatam hone se pehle, ek nayi muskurahat di hai
From childhood to date you have given me a lot of happiness ... every time before a smile ends, you have given me a new smile
# 99
Achche waqt mein koi bhi khush reh sakta hai ... aadmi woh hai joh bure waqt mein khush rahe na rahe ... lekin doosron ko khush rakhe
Anyone can stay happy in good times ... but a person is someone who may be happy or not in bad times ... but he keeps others happy
# 100
Sukh aur dukh dono uparwaale ki den hai ... is liye sukh ki tarah dukh ko bhi apnana seekho
Happiness and sadness are both gods gift ... that's why just like happiness learn to adopt sadness also
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