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Dil Dosti Etc

Release Year - 2007
# 1
Aye khaak nasheeno uth baitho, woh waqt kareeb aa pahuncha hai ... jab takht giraye jayenge, jab taj uchaale jayenge
Hey souls of this time wake up, that time is close now ... when thrones will be overturned, when crowns will be tossed
# 2
Tere vaade pe jaye toh yeh jaan jhoot jana ... ki khushi se mar na jaate agar aitbaar hota
If you think that I believe in your promise, then it's a lie ... if I had faith in you, I would died with happiness
# 3
Is duniya mein aage badne ka ek hi tareeka hai ... kisi ko bhi apne se bada mat samjho ... phir yeh duniya tumhari hai
There is only one way to move forward in this world ... don't consider anyone bigger than you ... and then this world will be yours
# 4
Science bhi kehta hai ki dil azaad khayal hai ... dhadakne ke liye na toh isse shareer ki zaroorat hai na dimaag ki
Even science says that a heart is independent ... it doesn't need a body nor a mind to beat
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