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China Town

Release Year - 1962
# 1
Main tumhe itni aasani se nahi marne doonga ... main tumhare khoon ke ek ek katre se ... police ke har us zulm ka badla loonga joh mujhpar hua hai
I won't let you die this easily ... with every drop of your blood ... I'll take the revenge from you, of every cruel act that the police did on me
# 2
Kuch adayein ho, kuch tevar ho, kuch jalwe ho, kuch toofan ho ... jis mein tum ho aur hum ho, hum ho aur tum ho
She should have some grace, some attitude, some talent, some storminess ... in which you and me are there, me and you are there
# 3
Ishq, mushq, khassi aur khushi ... chupane pe bhi nahi chup sakte
Love, romance, cough and happiness ... can't be hidden even if you try to
Song Lyrics - China Town
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