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Yeh Raaste Hain Pyaar Ke

Release Year - 2001
# 1
Sacha dost toh woh hota hai ... joh dost ki galati ko apni galati samajhkar maaf karde
A true friend is one ... who considers a friends mistake as his mistake and forgives him
# 2
Achcha dost khushiyan deta hai ... cheenta nahi
A good friend gives happiness ... he doesn't snatch it
# 3
Ajab hai yeh taqdeer ka lekha ... maa aaisi hoti hai ... aaj pehli baar hai dekha
Destiny is so strange ... a mother is something like this ... today I saw for the first time
# 4
Yaar hoon, humdardo ka saaya hoon ... aaj yeh mat kehna, ke bewaqt aaya hoon
I am a friend, I am a shadow of a caring person ... today don't say that, I have come at the wrong time
# 5
Beti ka sasural hi hai uska sansar ... rasmo rivaaz nibhati rahoongi, ab toh jaane dijiye ... aati rahoongi
The in-laws house is a girls universe ... and I will keep following the customs and rituals, now please let me go ... I will keep coming
# 6
Arre thairo thairo thairo, zaara tham toh jao ... kahe ki hai yeh dhoom dhaam, zaara mujhe toh batao
Oh stop stop stop, hold on a bit ... for what are these celebrations, someone tell me please
# 7
Khushi se uchal jayega didi tera jee ... upar jaake dekh, behte hai jijaji
My sister your heart will be so happy ... go and see, brother-in-law is sitting upstairs
# 8
Tera itna chota chota tukda banayega ki ... agle janam mein na tu powder banke janam lega
I will cut you into such small pieces that ... in the next life you will be born as powder
# 9
Joh beet gaya woh sapna hai ... joh aaj hai woh apna hai
What went by is a dream ... and what we have today is ours
# 10
Chal door ho ja, nazar ke samne se door ho ja ... doorbeen ke andhar bhi nazar nahin aane chahiye
Come on go away, get lost from here ... you should not be seen from a binocular also
# 11
Ban rahi hai anjaan, teri khata nahi hai ... aaise keh rahi hai, jaise kuch pata nahi hai
You are trying to be ignorant, it is not your fault ... but you are saying as if you don't know anything
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