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Release Year - 1961
# 1
Jab pyar kisise hota hai toh dil ki uljhane aur bhi badh jaati hai
When you fall in love with someone then the problems of the heart get bigger
# 2
Mohabbat mein kabhi aisi bhi halat paayi jaati hai ... tabiyat aur ghabrati hai jab behlayi jaati hai
Sometimes in love there comes a condition where ... the health gets more worse when it is pacified
# 3
Is duniya mein na koi pooch ke aaya hai ... aur na koi pooch ke jayega
No one has come in this world by asking ... and neither will anyone ask and go
# 4
Insaan gir sakta hai, usool jhuk sakta hai, aur khandan tabah ho sakte hai ... lekin mohabbat karne waale dil na jhuke hai ... aur na kabhi jhuk sakte hai
A person can fall, protocols can bow down, and families can get destroyed ... but the hearts that are in love have never bowed down ... and will never bow down
# 5
Makkhiyon ki aadat hi aisi hoti hai ... jitni baar udao, phir aa jaati hai
Mosquitos have an habit such that ... no matter how many times you fly them away, they come back
# 6
Zinda rehne ke liye sirf teen cheezein zaroori hai ... hansi, khushi aur phool
To stay alive you need only 3 things ... laughter, happiness and flowers
# 7
Mohabbat sirf ek se hoti hai
You fall in love only with one
# 8
Bachche hasne se aam bachchon ki tarah chichore ... aur rone se buzdil ban jaate hai
By laughing kids become naughty like all kids ... and by crying they become a coward
# 9
Hasne waalo ko kabhi kabhi rona bhi padta hai
People who laugh have to cry at times
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