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Happiness Dialogues

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# 61
Achcha dost khushiyan deta hai ... cheenta nahi
A good friend gives happiness ... he doesn't snatch it
# 62
By God, dil garden garden ho gaya!
By God, I'm exhilarated!
# 63
Jeb mein Laxmikant ho toh life Pyarelal ban hi jaati hai
When you have money in your pocket then life becomes happy
# 64
Duniya mein koi bhi anaath nahi hota ... har ek ko apna sukh dukh baatne ke liye koi na koi saathi mil hi jaata hai
No one is an orphan in this world ... everyone finds someone or the other to share their happiness and sorrow with them
# 65
Insaan ko hamesha khush hi hona chahiye ... gambhir toh Gautam bhi hai
A person should always be happy ... since even Gautam is intense
# 66
Zindagi mein tu kabhi sukhi nahi ho sakta ... mere bachchon ki hai tera sukh chain sab kuch cheen legi ... tu tabha ho jayega ... yeh ek maa ki baddua hai
In life you can never be happy ... the curse of my children will take away all your happiness and peace ... you will be destroyed ... this is a curse of a mother
# 67
If there is love ... toh tees rupaye aur ek cup coffee enough hai happiness ke liye
If there is love ... then Rs. 30 and one cup of coffee is enough for happiness
# 68
Itne barson ke baad aaj tu mujhe mila ... khush hone ke bajaye seedhe aag ughalne laga
You've met me after so many years ... and instead of being happy, you're directly throwing flames
# 69
Tumhari yeh baat sunkar mera dil Hyderabad ki tarah aabad ho gaya
Listening to this point of yours my heart has become happy like Hyderabad
# 70
Do saal mein, chaubees mahino mein, 104 hafton mein, 102 hafte rulaya hai isne ... ek hafta per saal ki khushi ka average kaunsi relationship mein hota hai
Out of 2 years, out of 24 months, out of 104 weeks, she has made you cry 102 weeks ... which relationship has the happiness average of one week per year
# 71
Sukh baatne se badhta hai ... dukh apnane se, dukh kam hota hai
Happiness spreads by sharing it ... and sadness reduces by accepting it
# 72
Doli se main jab utroongi hairan na hona ... mar jaon khushi se toh pareshan na hona
Don't be surprised when I get down from the palanquin ... and don't be troubled if I die with happiness
# 73
Hassi badi mehangi ho rakhi hai duniya mein
A smile is getting more and more expensive in the world
# 74
Tu sad-sad kyun hai, happy-sad kyun nahi ... hum sad kyun hote hai ... kyun ki mann bhaari hai, heavy heavy ... mann kab heavy heavy hota hai ... jab mann ko koi hurt karta hai ... mann ko kaun itna hurt kar sakta hai ... joh mann ke very very close hota hai ... mann ke very very close kaun hota hai ... jiske saath mann very very happy feel karta hai ... happy tha, is liye sad hai na ... so be happy-sad, not sad-sad
Why are you sad-sad, and why not happy-sad ... why do we feel sad ... because our heart feels heavy ... when does the heart feel heavy ... when someone hurts our heart ... who can hurt our heart so much ... the one who is close to our heart ... who is close to our heart ... the one with whom our heart feels happy ... so you were happy, that's why you are sad ... so be happy-sad, not sad-sad
# 75
Jab ek aurat se itna dukh utha liya ... toh doosri aurat se thoda sa sukh uthana yaar
Since you've taken so much grief from one woman ... hence take a little bit of enjoyment from another woman
# 76
Dekhunga yeh khula aasman doobara kabhi socha na tha ... maan jayega mera rootha khuda kabhi socha na tha ... gham mein bahut roya ab talak ghalib ... khushi se ro padunga ek din kabhi socha na tha
I had never thought that I'll see the open skies again ... I had never thought that my unhappy god will be happy with me ... until now this poet has cried a lot in sadness ... I had never thought that one day I would cry in happiness
# 77
Duniya ki koi bhi kitaab ek aurat ko khush karna nahi sikha sakti ... uske liye degree nahi, pedigree chahiye
No book in this world can teach you how to make a woman happy ... for that you don't need a degree, you need pedigree
# 78
Avesh ho ya dukh ho, gussa ho ya khushi ... apni bhavnaon ko paanch minute tak roke rakho ... un paanch minuton mein mann shaant ho jayega ... aur shaant mann se lena waala har ek faisla achcha hi hoga
Whether it's zeal or sadness, whether it's anger or happiness ... control your emotions for five minutes ... and in those five minutes your mind will become calm ... and every decision that you take with a calm mind will be good
# 79
Goals paane ki khushi tabhi mehsoos hoti hai ... jab usse kisi ke saath share kar sako
You feel the happiness of achieving goals ... when you can share that with someone
# 80
Ab pata chala yeh aadmiyon ko itne heart attack kyun aate hai aur yeh gay bandhe itne successful kyun hote hai ... because they don't have a woman to screw their happiness na
Now I came to know why so many men get heart attacks and why these gay people are so successful ... because they don't have a woman to screw their happiness
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