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Shreyas Talpade

# 1
Christmas mein sab log bolte hai na Santa aayega, Santa aayega ... sabko pata hai ghanta aayega
In Christmas everyone says that Santa Claus will come ... but everyone knows that no one will come
# 2
Aye khaak nasheeno uth baitho, woh waqt kareeb aa pahuncha hai ... jab takht giraye jayenge, jab taj uchaale jayenge
Hey souls of this time wake up, that time is close now ... when thrones will be overturned, when crowns will be tossed
# 3
Aapke nas nas mein yeh shak ka virus ghus gaya hai
The virus of suspicion has entered in your veins
# 4
Tere vaade pe jaye toh yeh jaan jhoot jana ... ki khushi se mar na jaate agar aitbaar hota
If you think that I believe in your promise, then it's a lie ... if I had faith in you, I would died with happiness
# 5
Hair stylist hai na ... har cheez trim karke bolta hai
He is a hair stylist ... that's why he trims everything he says
# 6
Kisi ki bhi insaan ko ek hi gunah ki sazaa do baar nahi milni chahiye
No person should be punished twice for the same crime
# 7
Koi hawa toh chale, koi patta toh hile ... kaun hai apna kuch pata toh chale
Some wind should blow, some leaves should move ... we must know who are our dear ones
# 8
Boni na batta khelne aa gaye satta
I have not even made any money yet and you guys have come to gamble
# 9
Aap toh fauji ki jagah mann mauji nikle
Instead of being a soldier you turned out to be a carefree person
# 10
Ek baar joh maine commitment de di ... toh yeh meri bhi nahi sunta
Once I make a commitment ... then even my p*nis doesn't listen to me
# 11
Look change karne se insaan change nahi hota
By changing the look a person doesn't change
# 12
Aapke pichwade pe aaisi laat maroonga na ... super duper bumper banake rakh doonga
I'll give you such a kick on your backside ... that I'll make it into a super duper bumper
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