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A. K. Hangal

# 1
Itna sannata kyun hai bhai?
Why is it so silent brother?
# 2
Izzat ki maut zillat ki zindagi se kahin achchi hai
Death with respect is much better than life with humiliation
# 3
Jab raajneeti pesha ban jaati hai, vyapar ban jaati hai ... toh kursi desh se badi ho jaati hai
When politics becomes a profession, becomes a business ... then the position becomes bigger than the country
# 4
Agar zulm karna paap hai ... toh zulm sehna bhi paap hai
If it is evil to do injustice ... then it is also evil to endure the injustice
# 5
Koi ladki dabaav mein aake, darke, majboor hoke, ghabrake agar hui ho nikaah par raazi ... shaadi jayaz nahi hai woh qazi
If a girl under pressure, scared, under compulsion, frightened has agreed to get married ... then that marriage is not judged as a valid one
# 6
Sach darrawana nahi hota, ghinawana nahi hota ... sach toh hamesha shubh hota hai
The truth is not scary, it is not hideous ... the truth is always auspicious
# 7
Kya husn ne samjha hai, kya ishq ne jaana hai ... hum khaak nasheeno ki thokar mein zamana hai
What has beauty understood, what does love know ... the world is a captive of people like us
# 8
Kanoon ki talwar se kanoon ka hi khoon kiya tumne
With the sword of law you have killed the law itself
# 9
Darro mat ... main Mahatma Gandhi nahi hoon
Don't be scared ... I am not Mahatma Gandhi
# 10
Yeh raajneeti ke chakkar toh bas do kisam ke logon ko raas aate hai ... ek toh woh jinke ghar khane peene ki fikar na ho ... aur doosre woh jinke ghar khane peene ko kuch na ho
Politics only works for two kinds of people ... first those who don't have to worry about food in their house ... and second those who have nothing to eat in their house
# 11
Dil ki awaaz dil se suni jaati hai
The voice of the heart is heard from the heart
# 12
Pyar, khansi aur khushi ... chupaye se chupte hai kya
Love, cough and happiness ... cannot be kept hidden
# 13
Masle hal hote hai pyar se, vishvas se, aman se
Problems are solved with love, with trust, with peace
# 14
Mazaa toh jab hai aa jaye kahin unki tabhiyat bhi ... zara woh bhi toh jaane karvatein kyun kar badalte hai
It will be fun when we come to know about her condition also ... even she should know why do we keep tossing and turning in bed
# 15
Zindagi mein kabhi na kabhi toh samjauta karna hi padhta hai
In life at some point or the other one has to compromise
# 16
Jab jab dharti par paap badha ... tab tab uska vinaash karne ke liye swayam Krishna ne janam liya
Whenever the sins have grown on earth ... then Lord Krishna by himself has taken birth to destroy them
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