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Release Year - 2001
# 1
Har aurat hamaar maiyya hai aur hum maiyya ka sauda nahi karat
Every women is my mother and I don't trade my mother
# 2
Roti kamane ke liye aurat ghar se nikli nahi ... ki tankha dene waala har aadmi usse apne baap ka maal samajhta hai
A woman barely steps out from her house to earn a living ... and every man who pays her the salary considers her to be his father's property
# 3
Joh koi zulm ke khilaaf awaaz uthawat hai ... wohi insaan hai, wohi zinda hai
The one who raises their voice against injustice ... is a human, and is alive
# 4
Jab chahe chuna lagaye ragad ke khaye ... ab khud pe baat aayi toh kare hai hai ... arre bhoya pedh babool ka toh aam kahan se khaye
Whenever you wanted you duped and ate ... and you are crying now that it has come on you ... if you have sowed the seeds of an acacia tree then how can you get mangoes
# 5
Mere vichaar purane zaroor hai lekin ... aapke vichaar gande aur giraune hai
My thoughts are definitely old ... but your thoughts are dirty and nasty
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