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Tanhaji: The Unsung Warrior

Release Year - 2020
# 1
Har Maratha pagal hai ... swaraj ka, Shivaji raje ka, bagwe ka
Every Maratha is crazy ... for independence, for Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, for the saffron flag
# 2
Yudh mein shastra nahi, saahas chahiye ... sena nahi, himmat chahiye
In a war you don't need weapons, you need valour ... you don't need an army, you need courage
# 3
Jab Shivaji raje ki talwar chalti hai ... toh auraton ka ghunghat aur brahmanon ka janeyu salamat rehta hai
When the sword of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj moves ... then the veil of women and the faith of religious people is well protected
# 4
Joh yodha apni talwar khud banata hai ... us par uska vishwas dugna ho jaata hai
A warrior who builds his own sword ... doubles his faith on it
# 5
Jis tarah mitti ke har kann mein pahad hota hai ... har beej mein ek jungle ... har talwar mein ek sena ... ussi tarah har ek Maratha mein chupa hai lakh Maratha
Like in every particle of the soil there's a mountain ... in every seed there's a jungle ... in every sword there's an army ... just like that in every Maratha there are millions of Marathas
# 6
Jise haarne ka darr nahi ... jeet usse door nahi
The one who doesn't fear losing ... victory isn't far from him
# 7
Teri mitti jazbaat se judi hai aur meri akkal pani se ... tu jaan de sakta hai, main jaan le sakta hoon
Your soil is connected with emotions and mine with pride ... you can give your life, and I can take a life
# 8
Jab dushman ko hara na sake aur khud ki haar manzoor na ho ... toh ek hi raasta bachta hai ... sulah
When you can't defeat your enemy and when you can't accept defeat ... then there's only one way out ... to reconcile
# 9
Hamla ... pehla vaar lakh molachi
Let's attack ... since the first one is worth millions
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