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Thief & Criminal

Thief & Criminal Dialogues

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# 1
Shehar ka sabse bada gunda ... doosre gunday ko zamanat par le jaane aaya hai
The biggest goon of the city ... has come to bail the other goon
# 2
Hum tumhe woh maut denge ... joh na to kisi kanoon ki kitaab mein likhi hogi ... aur na hi kabhi kisi mujrim ne soochi hogi
I will give you such a death ... which is not written in any books of law ... and neither would have ever been imagined by anyone guilty
# 3
Main kanoon ka baazu nahi khud kanoon banonga ... aur aaisa kanoon joh khud mujrimo ko pakdega, khud mukadma sunega ... aur unka faisla bhi khud karega
I am not the arm of the law, I am myself the law ... such a law which itself catches the criminals, itself listens to the case ... and itself will decide on it
# 4
Chor aur police ki sirf dushmani hoti hai
There can only be enmity between a thief and a cop
# 5
Gunahgar hamesha wahi lautta hai jahan usne gunah kiya hai ... aur aashiq hamesha wahi lautta hai jahan usne aashiqui ki hai
A criminal always returns to the place where he had committed the crime ... and a lover always returns to the place where he had made love
# 6
Gunday aur gundagardi yahi se janam lete hai ... jisse aap police station kehte hai
Goons and rowdyism are born right here ... what you call as police station
# 7
Guneghar toh koi bhi ban sakta hai ... lekin yeh yaadgar banne ka mauka hai
Any one can become a criminal ... but this is the moment to become to famous
# 8
Jis tarah zameen par pair rakhe bagair insaan chal nahi sakta ... us hi tarah mujrim kanoon se bhaag sakta hai, lekin bach nahi sakta
Just like a person can't walk without putting his feet on the ground ... just like that a criminal can run from the law, but he cannot escape
# 9
Koi saboot nahin ... toh koi guneghaar nahin
No proof ... then no guilty
# 10
Mujrim maa ke pet pe kam ... police station ke gate pe zyada bante hai
Criminals are born less from the mothers womb ... they are born more at the gate of the police station
# 11
Chor ko sirf chori karte hue pakda ja sakta hai ... na uske pehle, na uske baad
A thief can only be caught while he is stealing ... not before that, not after that
# 12
Agar tum chor na hote to hum zaroor dost hote
If you were not a thief we would have surely been friends
# 13
Ya toh chori nahi hogi ... ya chor nahi hoga
Either there won't be a robbery ... or either the robber won't live
# 14
Kaunsa kanoon, kaisa kanoon ... yeh kanoon toh chand mujrimon ki rakhail ban behta hai
Which law, what law ... this law has become a mistress of a few criminals
# 15
Chor ki kismat hamesha police ke haathon mein hoti hai
The fate of a robber always lies in the hands of the police
# 16
Duniya ka koi insaan bura aadmi nahi hota ... koi aadmi apni maa ke pet se bura pehda nahi hota ... koi chor apni khushi se chori nahi karta ... koi daaku apni khushi se daaka nahi dalta ... koi tawaif apni khushi se apna jism nahi bechti ... waqt aur halaat insaan ko bura banne pe majboor kar dete hai
No person in this world is an evil person ... no one is born evil from their mother's womb ... no thief steals with his own happiness ... no dacait robs with his own happiness ... no prostitute sells her body with her own happiness ... time and situation compel a person to become evil
# 17
Akela chor kisi ko dhokha nahin de sakta ... khud ko bhi nahin
A single thief cannot betray anyone ... not even himself
# 18
Aaya hoon, kuch to loot kar jaunga ... khandani chor hoon main, khandani ... Mogambo ka bhatija, Gogo
Now that I have come, I will steal something and go ... I am from a family of thiefs ... I am Mogambo's nephew, Gogo
# 19
Duniya ke saare kamyaab chor suit boot hi pehente hai ... joh nahi pehente woh pakde jaate hai
All the successful thieves in this world wear a suit and shoes ... those who don't, get caught
# 20
Desh ki raksha karne ki shapat lekar desh ko lootne waalo ... tumhare jism par is vardi ka hona is vardi ka apmaan hai
Robbers like you who steal from the country after taking an oath to protect to the country ... are a disgrace to the uniform on your body
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