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Village Dialogues

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# 1
Pachaas pachaas kos door jab gaon mein Holi hoti hai ... toh maa kehti hai sooja beti sooja ... varna apni pichkaari lekar Jabbar aa jayega
When there is Holi in a village fifty kilometers from here ... then the mom says sleep my girl ... or else Jabbar will come with his water gun
# 2
Meri mardangi ke bare mein aap gaon ki kisi bhi ladki se pooch sakte ho ... report achchi milegi
You can ask any girl from this village about my manhood ... you'll get a good report
# 3
Main teri itni botiyan karoonga ... ki aaj gaon ka koi bhi kutta bhookha nahi soyega
I'll cut you into so many pieces ... that today no dog of the village will sleep hungry
# 4
Pachaas pachaas kos door jab raat ko gaon mein baap jagta hai ... toh beta bolta hai ki - "dad soo ja varna mere jaisa ek aur aa jayega"
Fifty miles away in a village when a father is awake in the night ... then the son says to him - "sleep or else one more like me will come"
# 5
Yahan se pachas pachas kos door gaon mein ... jab bachcha raat ko rota hai, toh maa kehti hai bete soo ja ... soo ja nahi toh Gabbar Singh aa jayega
In a village fifty kilometers from here ... when a child cries in the night, then the mom says sleep my son ... sleep or else Gabbar Singh will come
# 6
Agar desh ka vikaas karna ho ... toh pehle gaanv ka vikaas karna hoga
If you want to develop the country ... then first you'll have to develop the villages
# 7
Hindustan ka dil uske gaon mein dhadakta hai
The heart of India beats in its villages
# 8
Iske tukde tukde karke poore gaon mein prasad ki tarah baant do
Cut him into pieces and distribute them into the whole village
# 9
Gaanv mein wow ... maska pav ... meow!
Something wow in the village ... like butter and bun ... meow!
# 10
Yeh gaon mera hain aur main is gaon ka Jaikant Shikre
Jaikant Shikre this village is mine and I am from this village
# 11
Ab koi gandi harkat tumne ki ... toh faisla panchayat nahi ... main karoonga
If you do any more dirty things ... then the village council won't give the judgement ... I will
# 12
Aaj ka tumhara humhara yeh case, kisi panchayat mein nahi jayega ... yahin behas hogi, yahin par faisla hoga aur sazaa bhi yahin par di jayegi
Today the case between you and me, will not go to any village council ... it will be discussed here, it will be decided here and the punishment will also be given here
# 13
Hamaade gaon mein chuttad dhone se pehle ... tamancha chalana sikhate hai
In our village even before they teach you how to wipe your ass ... they teach you how to use a pistol
# 14
Haqeeqat khul gayi teri ki tu kaisa gavala hai ... kamine dushmano ke gaon ka tu rehne waala hai
The reality of what kind of a cattleman you are is out ... bloody you are a resident of the enemies village
# 15
Is desh ke shehar shehar, gaon gaon mein, yahan tak ki ghar ghar ke andar nashe ko pohchane ki lagan honi chahiye hum mein
We should have the dedication to get intoxication into every city, every town in fact every home of this country
# 16
Chook gaye do nain se aur thokaren kha gaye paon ... moorakh mukhiya bhool kare aur bhugte saara gaon
You slipped from both your eyes and your legs got hurt ... a foolish chief does a mistake and the whole village pays for it
# 17
Dhoonde ankhiyan, dhoonde dariya, dhoonde sara gaon ... sabse pehle dekh re moorakh, ka padhe ho tero paon
The eyes are searching, the sea is searching, the whole village is searching ... you fool, first look where are you stepping your foot on
# 18
Jab bete ki ghar mein shikayatein aane lage aur gaon mein charcha hone lage ... toh samjho beta jawan ho gaya
When the complaints for a son start coming into the house and people start talking about it in the village ... then understand that he has become young
# 19
Gaon ki shudh hawa khai hai maine, cigarette ha dhuan nahi ... faulad ka seena hai mera, haddiyon ka pinjra nahi
I've taken in fresh air of the village and not the smoke from a cigarette ... my body is made from steel and it's not a cage of bones
# 20
Gaanv mein oow ... baasi pav ... what to do now!
Oh hell, in the village ... stinking buns ... what to do now!
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