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Release Year - 2000
# 1
Yeh kaunsi manzil hai, yeh kaunsa makaam hai ... aankhon mein koi chehra, hothon pe koi naam hai
What destination is this, what route is this ... there is one face in the eyes, and another name on the lips
# 2
Jitna tum karti ho mujhse pyar ... us mein 10% aur jodh lo yaar
The amount of love that you have for me ... add 10% to that
# 3
Aurat ke dil ke andar joh jhankkar uske har khwab ko dekh sake ... wohi uska asli haqdaar hota hai
He who can peep into a woman's heart and read every dream of hers ... has the real right over that woman
# 4
Usne dekha hi nahi apni hatheli ko kabhi ... us mein dhundli si kahin, meri bhi lakeer toh hai
She has never noticed her palm ... in that somewhere lightly, there is even my line
# 5
Dil ko rokta hoon toh aankhen bhatak jaati hai ... aankhen band karta hoon toh khwab bhatak jaate hai ... khwabon ko todta hoon toh yeh haath bhatak jaate hai
When I stop my heart then my eyes wander ... when I close my eyes then my dreams wander ... when I break my dreams then these hands wander
# 6
Dar pe phir sawaali aaya hai ... woh kis se pyar karti hai, yahi sawaal laya hai?
The monger has come again at the doorstep ... with the question, who does she love?
# 7
Raja ki ek rani thi, yeh kahani toh suni thi ... deewane ki ek deewani hai, yeh aaj ki kahani hai
I've heard the story about the king who had a queen ... but a passionate guy had a passionate girl, that is the story these days
# 8
Ishq ki chot ka kuch dil pe asar ho toh sahi ... dard kam ho ya zyada, magar ho toh sahi
Let there be some effect on the heart from the wound of love ... be it less painful or more, but atleast it should be there
Song Lyrics - Deewane
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