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Ajay Devgan

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# 21
Pasand aaya toh dil mein ... nahi toh dimaag mein bhi nahi
If I like it then it's in my heart ... or else it's not even in my mind
# 22
Power pehda karen hum log ... aur button dede un logo ke haath mein?
We create the power ... and we should give the button to them?
# 23
Main har kaam paise ke liye nahi karta
I don't do all my work for money
# 24
Jaan pyari hai toh uska khayal tak apne dil se nikaal do ... varna jal jaoge ... kyun ki hum diljale hain
If you love your life then remove even the thought of her from your heart ... or else you will burn ... because I am burnt at heart
# 25
Yeh aankhen, yeh chehra, yeh noor ... insaan ho ya pari ho tum
These eyes, this face, this beauty ... are you a human or a fairy
# 26
Oye paaji kadhi has bhi liya karo
Oh brother do laugh at times
# 27
Waqt bhi kahan badalta hai ... sirf guzarta hai
Time does not change ... it just passes by
# 28
Jisme hai dum ... to fakht Bajirao Singham
One who has courage ... that is only Bajirao Singham
# 29
Insaan apni family ke bina jee nahi sakta ... unke liye kuch bhi kar sakta hai ... phir duniya usse matlabi kahe ya khudgarz
A person cannot live without his family ... he can do anything for them ... then it doesn't matter if the world calls him selfish or egocentric
# 30
Aadmi halaat bighadane ke liye burre kaam nahi karta ... halaat sudhaarne ke liye karta hai
A person doesn't do bad things to make things worse ... he does to make things better
# 31
Suttebaazi na kare toh na kabhi bimaar ho ... ek toh paisa bache doosra badan tayaar ho
If you don't smoke then you will never get sick ... firstly you will save money and secondly you will have a strong body
# 32
Jiski nazar game se hati ... samjho woh game se hat gaya
One who takes his eye away from the game ... then he is gone from the game
# 33
Isse zindagi se zyada apni jeet pyari hai
He loves his victory more than his life
# 34
Gareeb ke paas sirf do hi cheezein hoti hai ... sar par izzat ki pagdi aur pairon mein mehnat ki chappal ... aur jab sar ki pagdi uchalti hai toh pairon ki chappal haath mein aa jaati hai
A poor person has only two things ... the turban of respect on his head and the slippers of hard work on his legs ... and when his turban gets thrown away then his slippers come in his hands
# 35
Shikaar ki khoj mein ... sher bedh bakriyo ki fauj hi dhoondta hai
In hunt for the prey ... a tiger looks out for the troop of sheeps and goats
# 36
Aap namak ka haq ada karo ... main mitti ka haq ada karta hoon
You fulfill the duties of your job ... I'll fulfill the duties of my land
# 37
Bhichad ke tujhse ab mujhe marna hai ... yeh tajurba issi zindagi mein karna hai
I have to separate from you and die ... and I have to experience that in this life itself
# 38
Ab dekhna yeh hai ki aankh milake baat karta hai ... ya peet peeche vaar
Now we have to see whether he looks in the eyes and talks ... or attacks from behind
# 39
Aaj ke baad tu sirf wohi bolega ... joh main sunna chahta hoon
From today you will only say ... what I want to hear
# 40
Mujhe aaina na dikhao, ismein koi pagal nazar aata hai ... yeh main nahin, ismein sara jahan nazar aata hai
Don't show me the mirror, I see some mad person in it ... it's not me, I see the whole world in it
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