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Katrina Kaif

# 1
Ishq de mere mitra pehchaan ki, mit javay jadoon zid apnan di ... asli pyar ka matlab haasil karna nahi hota
True love doesn't mean possessing your loved one
# 2
Jis mohabbat mein deewangi na ho ... woh mohabbat hi nahi
The love which does not have obsession ... is not love
# 3
Har din uski zindagi ki dua maang leti hoon ... aur har din khud thodi marr leti hoon
Everyday I pray for his life ... and everyday I myself die a little
# 4
Insaan ko dibbe mein sirf tab hona chahiye ... jab woh mar chuka ho
A person should only be in a box ... after death
# 5
Ladke pappu hote hai ... pappu ko lollipop dikhao, apne aap control mein aa jayega
Boys are like kids ... show them a lollipop, and they will themselves come under control
# 6
Sieze the day my friend ... pehle is din ko poori tarah jiyo, phir chalis ke bare mein soochna
Sieze the day my friend ... first live today to the fullest, then think about when you become 40 years old
# 7
Kabhi pay check milte waqt ... tumhare aankhon mein aasun aye hai?
While getting a pay check ... do you get tears in your eyes?
# 8
Kaash hum zindagi ko bhi forward karke dekh sakte
I wish we could forward life and see whats in it
# 9
Joh humse pyar karte hai ... unka istamaal nahi kiya karte
The people who love us ... we don't use them
# 10
Khamoshi bhi ajeeb hai, kahin toh ek ajeeb sa rishta ban jaati hai ... lekin agar rishton mein aa jaye, toh ghutan ban jaati hai
Silence is very strange, somewhere it becomes a strange relation ... but if it comes in relationships, then it becomes stuffy
# 11
I will miss you ... a lot se bhi zyada
I will miss you ... more than a lot
# 12
Aisa thappad padega na ... toh yeh sari filminess nikal jayegi
I will slap you ... and all this style of yours will come out
# 13
Follow your heart for there is magic in your dreams ... if you believe them they will come true
Follow your heart for there is magic in your dreams ... if you believe them they will come true
# 14
Kabhi kabhi jab logon ko kuch samajh na aaye ... toh usse moden art keh dete hai
Sometimes when people don't understand anything ... then we call it modern art
# 15
Agar tum mein will hai ... toh tum wahi karoge joh tumhara dil chahta hai
If you have the will in you ... then you will do only what your heart wants
# 16
Zaroori nahi hai ki har baat har waqt doosron ko batayi jaye ... har baat batane ka ek sahi waqt hota hai
It is not necessary to tell everything, everytime to others ... there is a right time to tell everything
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