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Release Year - 2006
# 1
Dil ki aawaz kaano se nahi dil se suni jaati hai
The voice of the heart is heard from the heart, and not from the ears
# 2
Dost nahi badalte ... waqt badal jaata hai
Friends don't change ... time changes
# 3
Haan main cheating karta tha, par sirf khel mein ... tune toh zindagi ko khel samajh ke mujhe cheat kar diya
Yes I used to cheat, but only in a game ... but you've cheated me by considering life as a game
# 4
Matlab nikal gaya toh pehchante hi nahi ... ladki kya mili hum mein jaante hi nahi
Now that your work is done you don't even recognize me ... you've got the girl, so you don't even know me
# 5
Yeh sach hai ki jagah ki dooriyan ... aksar dilon ki nazdikiyan ban jaati hai
It is true that the distance between places ... often turns into the closeness of the hearts
# 6
Paramparaon ki lakeerein jab dhundli padh jaati hai ... toh nayi lakeerein kheenchne se parhez nahi karna chahiye
When the lines of traditions become blurred ... then you should not hesitate from pulling new lines
# 7
Pyar mein waqt ki koi seema nahi hoti
There is no limit of time in love
# 8
After every sunset there's a sun rise ... ek naya din, ek nayi umeed, ek nayi shuruvat
After every sunset there's a sun rise ... a new day, a new hope, a new start
# 9
Kisi ko khush karne ke liye samjhauta karna insaan ki sabse badi kamzori hoti hai
Compromising to make someone happy is the biggest weakness of a person
# 10
Jis din main baap ban gaya na ... main apne bachche se chun chun ke gin gin ke badle loonga
The day I become a father ... I will take proper revenge from my children one after the other
# 11
Aksar yeh bhi hota hai ki jagah ki dooriyan ... rishton ko aur bhi mazboot bana deti hai
Often it happens that the distance between places ... makes the relationships much more stronger
# 12
Rangeen kapde pehenne se zindagi ke khoye rang vapas nahi aate
Just by wearing colourful clothes the colour of life doesn't come back
# 13
Beeta hua kal toh ek khwab hai ... uska na koi chehra hota hai na wajood hota hai ... sach toh sirf tumhara aaj hai aur tumhara aane waala kal
The time that has passed is a dream ... it has no face and no existence ... only your present and your future is the truth
# 14
Sirf saansein lene ko jeena nahi kehte
Just breathing is not called as living
# 15
Mere liye zindagi mein na pyar ki jagah badal sakti hai na dosti ki ... dono ki jagah alag alag hai ... lekin tumne to dosti mein hi pyar ki milavat shuru kar di
Neither the place of love and neither the place of friendship can change for me ... both have different places ... but you've started to mix love with friendship
# 16
Yeh kambakht mohabbat hai hi badi musibat waali cheez ... aksar imtehaan leti hai ... lekin khushiyan bhi deti hai
This unfortunate love is a very troublesome thing ... often it takes a test ... but it also gives happiness
# 17
Bahu ko beti manna agar pagalpan hai, toh main pagal hoon ... uske aasoon pochna agar pagalpan hai, toh main pagal hoon ... uski andheri zindagi mein khushiyon ki roshni bharna agar pagalpan hai, toh haan main pagal hoon
If considering a daughter-in-law as a daughter is madness, then I am mad ... if wiping her tears is madness then, I am mad ... if pouring the light of happiness in her dark life is madness, then yes I am mad
# 18
Kisi bhi insaan ki zindagi mein woh din, woh pal, sabse zyada khushgawar hota hai ... jab uska beta uski zimedariyan baantne lage ... uski kursi par baithe
In any person's life that day, that moment, is the most happiest ... when his son starts to share his responsibilities ... and takes his seat
# 19
Dil ke maamle mein dimaag ka istemaal nahi karna chahiye ... uljane badh jaati hai ... dil ke mamle mein dil ka istemaal karna chahiye
You should not use your mind when it comes to the heart ... because problems will grow ... you should use your heart when it comes to the heart
# 20
This is a race between man and machine ... he may have the better machine but I'm a better man
This is a race between man and machine ... he may have the better machine but I'm a better man
# 21
Kya yeh theek hai ki paramparaen banane waala insaan hi paramparaon ki bali chadta rahe ... paramparaen jeeye insaan marta rahe ... paramparaen badi zindagi kuch bhi nahi hai?
Is it ok that the people who made the traditions are being killed by it ... traditions live and people keep dying ... traditions are big and life is nothing?
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