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Main Aurr Mrs Khanna

Release Year - 2009
# 1
Jab bhi main tumhe taqleef mein paonga ... sabse pehle main apna haath badaonga
Whenever I find you in a problem ... I'll be the first one to give you a hand
# 2
Achche waqt ki ek kharabi hai ... achcha waqt khatam ho jaata hai ... lekin bure waqt ki ek achchai hai ... ke woh bhi khatam ho jaata hai
Good time has one bad thing ... that good time comes to an end ... but bad time has one good thing ... that even that comes to an end
# 3
Kehte hai kehne waale ishq karna aasaan nahi ... koi humse bhi toh pooch kar dekhe-e-zaalim ... aage chalna aur peeche mudhkar na dekhna bhi aasaan nahi
People who say, say that loving is not easy ... oh please but someone ask me too ... even walking ahead and not looking behind is not easy either
# 4
Achche waqt mein koi bhi khush reh sakta hai ... aadmi woh hai joh bure waqt mein khush rahe na rahe ... lekin doosron ko khush rakhe
Anyone can stay happy in good times ... but a person is someone who may be happy or not in bad times ... but he keeps others happy
# 5
Pyar badi hi khoobsurat cheez hai ... lekin pyar akele todhi aata hai ... apne saath complications bhi lekar aata hai
Love is a beautilful thing ... but love doesn't come alone ... it brings complications with it
# 6
Jab husband wife chup chap khana kha rahe ho ... toh samjho there is trouble
When a husband and a wife are eating food silently ... then understand that there is trouble
# 7
Lamhon ko toh guzarna hoga, aandhi ko toh chalna hoga ... main ek khayal hoon mujhe jaane do, khayal ka haath kaun pakadta hai
Moments will have to pass by, the storm will have to move on ... I'm a thought let me go, no one holds the hands of a thought
# 8
Na hai shikwa kisi ko kisi se yahan, na hai kisi pe kisi ka zor ... jinko apna samajhte hai hum aksar, wahi nikalte hai koi aur
No one here has a complaint against anyone, and neither does anyone have control over someone ... often whom we consider our own, they are the ones who turn out to be someone else
# 9
Bandh ghadi bhi chaubees ghante mein do baar sahi waqt dikhati hai
In 24 hours even a clock not running shows the correct time twice
# 10
Jinke table pe churi kaante ki awaaz kam aur hasne baatein karne ki awaaz zyada ho ... woh log sukhi hote hai
A table of people where there is less noise of the knife and the fork, and more noise of laughing and talking ... those people are happy
# 11
Yahan Melbourne mein kisi ke pass kaam ke liye time ho ya na ho ... lekin pyar ke liye yahan sabke pass time hai
Here in Melbourne whether one has time for work or not ... but here everyone has time for love
# 12
Is duniya mein har cheez ka ilaaj hai ... lekin shaq ka ilaaj NASA ke pass bhi nahi hai
In this world there is a cure for everything ... but even NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) doesn't have a cure for suspicion
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