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Krrish 3

Release Year - 2013
# 1
Burai mein taqat jitni bhi ho ... uska antim sanskar achchai hi karti hai
No matter how much strength the evil has ... its funeral rites are done by the good only
# 2
Marte toh woh hai joh janam lete hai
People die only if they are born
# 3
Haath chote ho toh kya hua ... himmat badi honi chahiye
So what if your hands are small ... your courage should be big
# 4
Insaan hona meri kamzori nahi meri taqat hai ... kyun ki mere paas hai har baap ka aashirwad aur har bache ka pyar
To be human is my strength, not my weakness ... because I have the blessing of every father and the love of every child
# 5
Is vansh ka koi ansh nahi rehne doonga main
I will not leave any person of this generation alive
# 6
Darr ka business is the best business
The business of scare is the best business
# 7
Insaan ko kabhi ishwar banne ki koshish nahi karni chahiye
A human should never try to be God
# 8
Joh har haath ko haath aur har kisi ka saath deta hai ... wohi toh Krrish hai
One who gives a hand to everyone and stands by everyone ... is Krrish
# 9
Jagah bhi sahi hai aur waqt bhi ... iraada shayad galat hai
The place and time are both right ... may be my intention is wrong
# 10
Tumhara face football se tennis ball kyun ban gaya?
Why did your face turn from a football into a tennis ball?
# 11
Joh kisi ki aasoon ki jagah muskurahat lata hai ... wohi toh hai Krrish
The one that brings a smile on someone instead of tears ... is Krrish
# 12
Dhoop zindagi deti hai
Sunlight gives life
# 13
Logon ko thoda marne do ... aur zyada darne do
Let people die a little ... but let them be scared a lot
Song Lyrics - Krrish 3
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