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B.A. Pass

Release Year - 2012
# 1
Sikhaya maine ... maze sab lenge
I've taught you ... but others will enjoy
# 2
Bheej bowte hi phal khane ke sapne nahi dekhne chahiye ... kabhi kabhi pedh nahi bhi ughte hai
You shouldn't dream about eating the fruits right after you sow the seed ... sometimes a tree doesn't grow
# 3
Maa baap ka jaldi marna kabhi hadsa nahi lagta, kabhi maut nahi lagti ... sirf dokha lagta hai
The early death of parents doesn't feel like an incident, doesn't feel like death ... it only feels like betrayal
# 4
Time time ki baat hai ... time badalne mein time nahi lagta
It's all about time ... and it doesn't take time for time to change
# 5
Doosron ki khushi ke liye toh waise bhi bahut kuch karna padta hai ... apne liye kuch kar
As it is one has to do a lot for the happiness of others ... do something for yourself
# 6
Dopahar mein sona ... kismat pe rona
To sleep in the afternoon ... is to cry on your destiny
# 7
Yeh Delhi hai, yahan har koi chor hai ... yahan achche time mein plot katte hai, burre time mein jeb aur kharab time mein gale
This is Delhi, and everyone here is a thief ... here people cut plots in good times, cut pockets in bad times and cut throats in the worst times
# 8
English, economics, political science ya history ... koi ek subject padna nahi tha naseeb mein ... naseeb mein thi in sab ki khichdi ... B.A. pass
English, economics, political science or history ... to study any one subject was not in my destiny ... there was a mix-up of all these in my destiny ... B.A. (Bachelor of Arts) pass
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