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Salman Khan

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# 101
A for Apple teh H for Hen ... Pathan is saying ki there and then ... kuch bhi le lena lekin Pathan ke yaar se panga na lena
A for Apple and H for Hen ...Pathan is saying there and then ... do anything but don't mess with Pathan's friend
# 102
Yakeen ek tubelight ki tarah hota hai ... der se jalta hai ... lekin jab jalta hai, toh full light kar deta hai
Faith is like a tubelight ... it takes time to light up ... but once it lights up, then it illuminates everything around us
# 103
Tumhari aankhon se tumhara dil dikhta hai ... jis mein meri tasveer chupi hui hai
From your eyes your heart can be seen ... in which my picture is hidden
# 104
Khush naseeb hote hai woh bete jinke ghar mein aaisa baap pehda hota hai
Lucky are those sons who have a father like that born in their house
# 105
Insaan ka is duniya mein aana is baat ka signal hai ... ke koi hai joh sirf uski khatir is duniya mein aaya hai
The existence of a human in this world is a signal that ... there is someone who has come in this world just for them
# 106
Jiske dil mein Ram base ho ... uske liye koi bhi cheez asambhav nahi hai
The one who has Lord Ram in his heart ... nothing is impossible for him
# 107
Agar pyar karna bagawat hai, kisi ko sahara dena bagawat hai ... toh main aapke khilaf, aapke kanoon ke khilaf, aapke samaaj ke khilaf bagawat karta hoon ... main bhaagi hoon ... haan main bhaagi hoon
If loving is to revolt, if helping someone is to revolt ... then I am revolting against you, against your law, against your society ... I'm a rebel ... yes I'm a rebel
# 108
Abhe ghar toh kya, tu kabhi raaste mein bhi dikhayi diya na ... toh chehre ka design badal doongaa
Forget home, if I even see you on the road then ... I will change your face's design
# 109
Main modern zamane ka kutta hoon ... wooow wooow wooow
I am a dog of the modern era ... wooow wooow wooow
# 110
Jis race se mujhe nikaalne ki baat kar rahe hai yeh bewakoof ... woh nahi jaante hai ... us race ka sikandar main hoon
The race from which these fools are talking about eliminating me ... they don't know that ... I'm the king of that race
# 111
Boyfriend girlfriend se darta hai, girlfriend cockroach se darti hai, cockroach chuhe se darta hai, chuha billi se darta hai, billi kutte se darti hai, aur kutta aadmi se darta hai ... aur aadmi aurat se darta hai ... vaise hi jaise villain hero se darta hai
A boyfriend is scared of his girlfriend, girlfriend is scared of a cockroach, cockroach is scared of a mouse, mouse is scared of a cat, cat is scared of a dog, dog is scared of a man ... and man is scared of a woman ... just like a villain is scared of the hero
# 112
Jahan se bhi pakadta hoon ... paanch ser gosht nikaal leta hoon
From wherever I'll hold you ... I'll remove 5 gms of flesh from there
# 113
Jitne safed baal mere sar aur daari mein hai ... usse kahin zyada rangeen meri zindagi rahi hai
The number of white hair that I have on my head and in my beard ... my life has been much more colourful than that count
# 114
Mere hi haathon mein likhi hai taqdeer meri ... aur meri hi taqdeer pe mera bas nahi chalta
My destiny is written in my own hands ... and I have no control over my own destiny
# 115
Joh kuch bhi main kahoonga, sach main kahoonga ... ja rahi ho tum door, par main touch mein rahoonga
Whatever I'll say, I'll say the truth ... you are going far away, but I will stay in touch
# 116
Kisaan aur pehalwan mein ek hi cheez ek jaise hove hai ... woh hai maati
There is only one common thing between a farmer and a wrestler ... and that is the soil of your motherland
# 117
Agar aap chuhe hai to ye billi hai ... agar aap billi hai to ye kutte hai ... agar aap kutte hai to ye tendua hai ... agar aap tendua hai to ye sher hai ... agar aap sher hai to ye haathi hai ... agar haathi hai to ye dinasaur hai dinasaur
If you're a mouse then he is a cat ... if you're a cat then he is a dog ... if you're a dog then he is a leopard ... if you're a leopard then he is a tiger ... if you're a tiger then he is a elephant ... if you're a elephant then he is a dinosaur, dinosaur
# 118
Dil ki aawaz kaano se nahi dil se suni jaati hai
The voice of the heart is heard from the heart, and not from the ears
# 119
Kisi kisi chere par muskaan bahut achchi lagti hai
A smile looks very good on some faces
# 120
Pyar waqt nahi hai ... joh agar guzar jaye toh vapas nahi aata
Love is not time ... that once it passes, it doesn't come back
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