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Release Year - 2016
# 1
Izzat aur guroor mein dhaage bhar ka pharak hove hai
The difference between respect and arrogance is as thin as a thread
# 2
Yeh haath nahi hatauda hai hatauda ... mooh pe pada na ... daant popcorn ki tarah bahar aa jayenge
These hands are like a hammer ... if it falls on your face ... then your teeth will come out like popcorn
# 3
Asli pehalwan ki pehchaan akhade mein nahi, zindagi mein hove hai ... taki jab zindagi tumhe patke toh tum phir khade ho ... aur aaisa daanv maro ki zindagi chitt ho jaye
A true fighter can be identified in life, and not in a fighting ring ... so that you get up again when life pushes you down ... and then play in such a way that life gets defeated
# 4
Agar tune aaj give up kiya ... toh shayad bahar se zinda reh jaye ... magar andar se mar jayega hamesha ke liye
If you give up today ... then may be you'll be alive from the outside ... but from within you'll be dead forever
# 5
Kahi baar dard ka ilaaj dard hi hove hai
Many a times the cure of pain is pain itself
# 6
Koi tumhe tab tak nahi hara sakta ... jab tak tum khud se na haar jao
No one can defeat you until ... you lose to yourself
# 7
Sab yeh sochte hai ki hero woh hota hai joh jeetta hai ... mera yeh manana hai ki hero woh hai joh haarta hai ... kyun ki wohi jaanta hai jeetne ki asli value
Everyone thinks that the one who wins is a hero ... but I believe that the one who loses is a hero ... since only he knows the real value of winning
# 8
Sapne dekhna achchi baat hai ... par kahi baar unke peeche daudte daudte na apne peeche choot jaate hai
It's good to see dreams ... but many a times in running behind them you tend to leave your dear ones behind
# 9
Manne lage hai ki angrezi mein ladki jaldi pate hai ... I love you bolo aur uske baad seedha kiss hove hai
I feel that a girl can be impressed faster when you talk in English ... just say I love you and then a kiss happens right after that
# 10
(Khud ko Shahrukh Khan samjhe hai ke?) ... Shahrukh ka mazaak mat udhao ... manne bahut pasand hai ... jab woh ladki ke aankh mein aankh daalke dekhe hai na toh andhi ladki bhi patt jaave hai
(Do you think you're Shahrukh Khan?) ... Don't make fun of Shahrukh ... I like him a lot ... when he looks into the eyes of a girl, then even a blind girl will fall for him
# 11
Yeh joh tumhari society hai na ... is mein aaj bhi ladkiyan ghunghat ke peeche janam leve hai aur wahin mar jaave hai
In this society of yours ... even today girls are born behind a veil and they die right there
# 12
Har kamyaab insaan ke paache ek chori hose ... aur haare huye insaan ke paache bhi ek chori hose ... par haare huye insaan ke paache koi nahi khada hota
There is a woman behind every successful man ... and there is a woman also behind every unsuccessful man ... but no one stands behind an unsuccessful man
# 13
Woh dus maarenge aur tu ek maarega ... us ek mein dus ka vazan hoga
He'll hit you 10 times and you'll hit him just once ... that one shot will count for all 10 shots
# 14
Kisaan aur pehalwan mein ek hi cheez ek jaise hove hai ... woh hai maati
There is only one common thing between a farmer and a wrestler ... and that is the soil of your motherland
# 15
Maine usse ladte huye dekha hai ... uske zor mein hosh hai aur hosh mein josh hai ... jeetna uska shauk nahi, uski aadat hai ... aur harana uski aadat nahi, uska hunar hai ... uski aankh mein bijli aur baazu mein dum hai ... uska ek daav, dus ke barabar hai
I've seen him fighting ... in his power there is an awareness and in his awareness there is passion ... winning is not is hobby, it's his habit ... and defeating is not his habit, it's his talent ... there is lightning in his eyes and strength in his arms ... his one punch is equal to ten punches
# 16
Asli wrestler woh nahi hota joh medal uthaye ... asli wrestler woh hota hai joh zindagi se lade aur usse haraye
A real wrestler is not someone who lifts the medal ... a real wrestler is someone who fights with his life and defeats it
# 17
Tere body ki dish purani hai ... par channel tanne jawani waale chahiye
The dish of your body is old ... but you want channels of the young generation on it
# 18
Wrestling koi khel nahi hai ... yeh woh dangal hai joh insaan apni zindagi mein apne aap se ladta hai
Wrestling is not a sport ... it's a battle that a person fights in his life with himself
# 19
Hindustan apno ka, rishton ka, mitti ki value ka desh hai
India is a country of your loved ones, your relationships and the value of our soil
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