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Release Year - 2019
# 1
Aksar log mujhse poochte hai ki mera surname kya hai, jaati kya hai, dharam kya hai ... aur main unse muskurake kehta hoon ... ki is desh ke naam pe mere bauji ne mera naam Bharat rakha ... ab itne badhe naam ke aage jaati, dharam, surname lagake na toh apna aur na hi is desh ka maan kam kar sakta hoon
Often people ask me what's my surname, caste, religion ... and I smile and tell them that ... my father named me Bharat which is the name of our country ... now by adding my surname, caste, religion to my name, I can't reduce my pride nor that of my country
# 2
Jitne safed baal mere sar aur daari mein hai ... usse kahin zyada rangeen meri zindagi rahi hai
The number of white hair that I have on my head and in my beard ... my life has been much more colourful than that count
# 3
Har muskurate huye chehre ke peeche ek dard chupa hota hai ... aur shayad wohi dard aapko zinda rakhta hai
There's some sort of pain hidden behind every smiling face ... and may be that pain keeps us alive
# 4
Yeh sher boodha zaroor ho gaya hai ... lekin shikaar karna nahi bhoola
This lion may have become old ... but he hasn't forgotten how to hunt
# 5
Logon ka yeh maanna hai ki duniya mein sirf saat kahaniyan hai ... lekin main yeh maanta hoon ki duniya mein jitne log hai utni hi kahaniyan hai
People believe that there are only seven stories in this world ... but I believe that, the number of stories in the world are equal to the number of people in the world
# 6
Kuch rishtey zindagi se hote hai aur kuch rishtey khoon se ... mera paas dono hi the
Some relationships are formed due to birth and some are formed due to blood ... I have both of them
# 7
Desh logon se banta hai aur logon ki pehchan unke pariwar se hoti hai
A country is formed by its people and the identity of people comes from their family
# 8
Yeh desh vishwas aur insaaniyat ki neev par khada hua hai ... ho sakta hai waqt is desh ke beech mein lakeer kheench de ... lekin jab tak yeh lakeer is desh ke rehne walon ke dilon mein nahi kheenchegi na ... tab tak hum ek rahenge
This country is standing on the foundation of trust and humanity ... may be time will form a border in the middle of this country ... but until that border gets formed in the hearts of the people who live in this country ... till that time we'll remain united
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