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Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani

Release Year - 2009
# 1
No complaints, no demands
No complaints, no demands
# 2
Kya ladki hai yaar ... baal silky silky, gaal milky milky ... yeh toh chalti phirti vanilla ice cream hai
What a girl she is ... her hair is silky silky, her cheeks are milky milky ... she is a moving vanilla ice cream
# 3
Main aapki jhappi leke pappi lena chahta hoon
I want to hug you and get a kiss from you
# 4
Aap toop ho ... main toh kehta hoon aap Pope ho
You are great ... infact I am saying you are the Pope
# 5
Yeh thopade ka design toh pehli baar dekh raha hoon
I am seeing this face's design for the first time
# 6
Abhe ghar toh kya, tu kabhi raaste mein bhi dikhayi diya na ... toh chehre ka design badal doongaa
Forget home, if I even see you on the road then ... I will change your face's design
# 7
Kya cool cool ... namakool!
What cool cool ... you waste!
# 8
Aish karne ke liye bhi cash chahiye
To have fun also, one needs cash
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