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Yeh Hai Jalwa

Release Year - 2002
# 1
Apni kalayi mein achchi ghadi bandhane ka yeh matlab nahi hota ki tumhara achcha waqt aa gaya hai
Just by wearing a nice watch on your wrist doesn't mean that your good time has come along
# 2
Hamare Hindustani culture mein ek aur baat kehte hai ... ki pehle pyar se samajhao, phir sharafat se samajhao, phir baat se samajhao ... aur jab samajh mein nahi aaya na toh thapad se aur phir laat se
In our Indian culture we say one thing that ... first make them understand with love, then make them understand politely, then make them understand with words ... and if they still don't understand then use slaps and kicks
# 3
Jab kuch bhi nahi tha, toh sab kuch tha kyun ki tu thi ... aaj sab kuch hai, toh kuch bhi nahi kyun ki tu chali gayi
When we had nothing, we still had everything because you were there ... today we have everything, but still we have nothing because you left
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