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Jaanam Samjha Karo

Release Year - 1999
# 1
Agar aashiq ko dhoondna ho toh ... mashooq ki gali mein dhoondo
If you want to find a lover ... then look for him in the street of his love
# 2
Apna desh phir bhi apna desh hota hai ... aur apna khana, apna khana hota hai
Our country is still our country ... and our food, is our food
# 3
Bagair maang mein sindoor aur yeh gale mein mangalsutra ... ek suhaagan adhoori hoti hai ... adhoori
Without the vermilion of the hair parting and the wedding necklace ... a married woman looks incomplete ... incomplete
# 4
Aapke daddu dhamki nahi dete ... faisle sunate hai
Your grandfather doesn't give warnings ... he directly gives the judgement
# 5
Puri fielding ho chuki hai, sirf chauka marne ki deri hai ... jaise mauka mile waise chauka
The whole field is set, we just have to hit the boundary ... the moment we get a chance, we will hit the boundary
# 6
Kya cheez ... cut piece
What a girl ... she is like a cut piece
# 7
Thanda peeke jao bahut garam ho gayi ho
You have become very hot, drink a cold drink and go
# 8
Yahan ki police maarti nahi ... electric shock deti hai
The police out here does not hit ... they gives an electric shock
# 9
Jab tak biwi aur TV colourful na ho toh maza hi nahi aata
It is no fun until the wife and the TV are both colorful
# 10
Kal kare so aaj kar, aaj kare so ab ... chalo mere gundon milkar maaro sab
Instead of doing it tomorrow do it today, instead of doing it today do it now ... let's go my goons and let's hit him together
# 11
Kam se kam usse toh chhod diya hota joh sari duniya ko chhod ke baithi hai
Atleast you should have left her, who has left the whole world alone
# 12
Jab koi jawan ladki saath mein ho toh veerane mein hi mazaa aata hai, darling
Darling, when a young girl is together then the fun only comes in a deserted place
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