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Salman Khan

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# 41
Waqt tumhara kharab aaya hai aur din hum gine
Your bad time has come and I should count the days
# 42
Mere parivar se ulajhne se pehle mere baare mein jaan lete ... toh achcha hota
It would have been better ... if you would have learnt about me, before you clashed with family
# 43
Bharosa bhi hai, himmat bhi hai aur taqat bhi ... aur pagalpan hadh se zyada
I do have belief, courage, strength ... and craziness beyond the limit
# 44
Suar hamesha group mein shikaar karte hai ... aur sher akele
Pigs always hunts in a group ... and a tiger alone
# 45
Mujhe khud ko bhi nahin pata ... ki kitna kamina hoon main
Even I myself don't know ... how much of a scoundrel I am
# 46
Main tumhare saath bhuda hona chahta hoon ... tumhare wajah se nahi
I want to grow old with you ... not because of you
# 47
Meri ek khasiyat hai ki main maarta kam hoon ... aur ghaseet-ta zyada hoon
I have a speciality that I hit less ... and I drag more
# 48
Hamara naam hamari personality ko shoba deta hai ... Chulbul Pandey
My name suites my personality very well ... Chulbul Pandey
# 49
Mujhse joh dushmani modh leta hai ... uspe uparwaala reham toh kar deta hai, magar main nahi
One who becomes my enemy ... God may forgive them, but I don't
# 50
Maa ki jhooti kasam nahi khaate hai ... jhootiya saala
One should not lie when swearing on your mothers life ... bloody liar
# 51
Tujhe har goli ka hisaab dena parta hai ... main jitni bhi chalaon ... mujhe koi hisaab nahin dena parta
You have to give an account for every bullet ... no matter how many I fire ... I don't have to give any account
# 52
Sudhar jao ... varna agar hum sudhaarne par utar aaye ... toh bahut nuksaan ho jayega
Change yourself ... or else if I have to bring the change in you ... then there will be a lot of damage
# 53
Rishtey ko mazboot hona chahiye ... majboor nahi
A relationship should be strong ... not helpless
# 54
Kisi ke haath chalte hai toh kisi ke pair ... hamare dono chalte hai
Some people move their hands and some move their legs ... I can move both
# 55
Sab sukh lahe tumhari sharna, tum rakshak kahu ko darna ... sankat hate mite sab peera, joh sumrai Hanumat balbeera
All the happiness rests under your grace, when you're the protector then there is no fear ... all dangers and pains disappear, for anyone who remembers the brave Lord Hanuman
# 56
Jab tum Prem se milogi, toh Prem ke prem mein prem deewani ho jaogi ... meri premika
When you will meet Prem, then you will fall in love with Prem ... my beloved
# 57
Aaj ke baad agar tune mere dost ki taraf aankh bhi uthakar dekha ... toh Yamuna mein pani nahi ... tera khoon bahega
From today even if you look at my friend ... then your blood will flow in the Yamuna (river) ... and not water
# 58
Mujhe aasoonyon se sakt allergy hai
I am very allergic to tears
# 59
Manne lage hai ki angrezi mein ladki jaldi pate hai ... I love you bolo aur uske baad seedha kiss hove hai
I feel that a girl can be impressed faster when you talk in English ... just say I love you and then a kiss happens right after that
# 60
Pathan aur Sardar ki jodi ... baki sab lil lil ghodi
The pair of Pathan and Sardar is great ... all others are small small horses
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