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Release Year - 2003
# 1
Ek baap agar apne bete ki zindagi ka pehla kadam uthane mein uski madad kar sakta hai ... toh wahi beta apne baap ke aakhri kadam uthane mein usse sahara kyun nahi de sakta?
If a father can help a son to take his first step in life ... then why can't the same son support his father to take his last step in life?
# 2
Joh bachche apne maa baap ko pyar nahi de sakte, sahara nahi de sakte, maan samaan nahi de sakte ... unhe main kabhi maaf nahi karta
The kids who cannot give love, support and respect to their parents ... I can never forgive them
# 3
Tum ho toh hum hai ... hum hai toh sab kuch hai ... varna kuch nahi, kuch bhi nahi
I am because of you ... and if we are there then everything is there ... otherwise there is nothing, absolutely nothing
# 4
Pyar hi toh woh jaado hai ... joh umar bhar jawan banaye rakhta hai
Love is that magic ... that keeps us young all our life
# 5
Tumhare bagair toh hum sirf jee rahe the ... dil ne dhadakna toh uss din shuru kiya jis din aap hum mein mili
Without you I was only living ... my heart started beating the day I met you
# 6
Maa baap zindagi ke pedh ki jadh hai
Parents are the roots of the tree of life
# 7
Aap ghanti bajaye na bajaye ... aapke kadmo ki aahat se mere dil ki ghanti pehle se baj jati hai
Whether you ring the bell or not ... the bell in my heart rings first by the sound of your feet
# 8
Tumhari aankhon se tumhara dil dikhta hai ... jis mein meri tasveer chupi hui hai
From your eyes your heart can be seen ... in which my picture is hidden
# 9
Hota toh sabke paas hai ... magar dimaag wahi joh waqt pe kaam aajaye
Everyone has it ... but the sharp mind is the one that comes handy at the right time
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