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Parents Dialogues

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# 61
Maa baap ka jaldi marna kabhi hadsa nahi lagta, kabhi maut nahi lagti ... sirf dokha lagta hai
The early death of parents doesn't feel like an incident, doesn't feel like death ... it only feels like betrayal
# 62
Har aurat hamaar maiyya hai aur hum maiyya ka sauda nahi karat
Every women is my mother and I don't trade my mother
# 63
Zindagi mein tu kabhi sukhi nahi ho sakta ... mere bachchon ki hai tera sukh chain sab kuch cheen legi ... tu tabha ho jayega ... yeh ek maa ki baddua hai
In life you can never be happy ... the curse of my children will take away all your happiness and peace ... you will be destroyed ... this is a curse of a mother
# 64
Zindagi mein insaan do hi baar gehri neend sota hai ... maut ki gaud mein yah maa ke aanchal mein
In life a person sleeps deeply only twice ... in the lap of death or in the lap of a mother
# 65
Jab koi bachcha nahin sota, to uski maa kehti hai ki ... soja soja soja nahin toh Gogo aa jayega
When a child does not sleep, then the mom says ... sleep sleep sleep otherwise Gogo will come
# 66
Bachpan mein bacha hamari ungli pakad ke chale hai taake bheed mein kho na jave ... aur jis din woh hamari ungli chhod de ... toh aise laage jaise hum hi kho gaye ho ... par baat bhi hai bhaisaab ... jab talak balak aapki ungli chhodega nahi ... tab talak aake gale kaise lagavega
In childhood a child holds our finger and walks so that they don't get lost in the crowd ... and the day they leave our finger ... it feels as if we've lost ourselves ... but there's a point in this my friend ... until the child leaves your finger ... they won't be able to come and embrace you
# 67
Ek baar mujhe maa kehkar pukaro beta
Son, please call me mom once
# 68
Kehte hai ki jab bachche ke zid baap poori na kar sake ... toh woh apni maa ke paas chala jaata hai
It is said that when a child's obstinance is not fulfilled by his father ... he then goes to his mother
# 69
Is baar angrezi mein Barack Obama ki maa bhi tumhe fail nahi kar sakti
This time in English even Barack Obama's mother won't be able to fail you
# 70
Salamat hai har woh bete ka papa ... jiske saath hai Ganpati Bappa
Every son's father is safe ... whoever has Lord Ganesha by their side
# 71
Na main shayar hoon, na shayar ka bhatija hoon ... main toh jhi apne maa baap ke manoranjan ka natija hoon
I am not a poet, neither am I related to a poet ... I am the outcome of my parents entertainment
# 72
Ek mard pita banta hai bache ke pehda hone ke baad ... magar ek aurat tabhi maa banti hai jab bacha uske garb mein aata hai
A man becomes a father after the child is born ... but a woman becomes a mother right when the child is conceived in her womb
# 73
Maa chahe vaishya ho ya kisi ghar ki bahu ... maa sirf maa hoti hai
Whether a mom is a daughter-in-law or a prostitute ... a mother is a mother
# 74
Zameen toh maa hoti hai ... aur maa ke tukde nahi kiye jaate
The land is the mother ... and one does not divide a mother into pieces
# 75
Baap ka paisa hai ... pade pade sadd jata hai
It's my fathers money ... it goes bad just lying around
# 76
Aaisa kabhi nahi hoga ki tum do lakh kama rahe ho ... aur woh maa baap ke pressure mein pachaas hazar waale se shaadi karle
This will never happen where you're making 200,000 ... and under pressure from her parents she marries someone who makes only 50,000
# 77
Aap jaisa koi meri zindagi mein aaye ... toh mere bachche ka baap ban jaye
If someone like you comes in my life ... then he will become the father of my child
# 78
Jab aulaad dushman ban jaye ... toh maa baap ko atmahatya kar leni chahiye
When a child becomes the enemy ... then the parents must commit suicide
# 79
Apne bachchon ke khatir kabhi na kabhi har maa ko rona padta hai ... koi aasoon bahakar roti hai aur koi aasoon peekar
Every mother has to cry for her children at some point or the other ... some cry by shedding tears and some by drinking the tears
# 80
Main is kisam ki ladkiyon ko badi achchi tarah jaanta hoon ... baap decide karta hai ki kaunse school mein jaana hai ... maa decide karti hai ki kitni chotiyaan bandhni hai ... aur poori family decide karti hai ki kis ladke se shaadi karni hai
I know the girls of this type very well ... the father decides which school she will go to ... the mother decides how many plaits have to be tied ... and the entire family decides which guy will she marry
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