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Preity Zinta

# 1
Main zindagi mein sab kuch baant sakti hoon par tumhe nahi ... tum sirf mere ho, sirf mere
I can share everything in life except you ... you are only mine, only mine
# 2
Aane waale kal ke liye umeedein karne se vadiya hai ... aasi aaj nu behtar banaye
Better than hoping for tomorrow ... is to make your today better
# 3
Tumhe kis baat pe zyada gussa aata hai ... apni nakaamyabi se ... ya meri kaamyabi par?
What gets you angry more ... your failure ... or my success?
# 4
Tum meri zindagi mein ajnabee banke aaye the ... lekin ab tum iske maalik ho
You came into my life as a stranger ... but now you have become the owner of it
# 5
Maa banna duniya ka sabse bada saubhagya hai ... ishwar ka sabse bada vardaan
To become a mother is the biggest privilege of this world ... the biggest blessing of god
# 6
Maa chahe vaishya ho ya kisi ghar ki bahu ... maa sirf maa hoti hai
Whether a mom is a daughter-in-law or a prostitute ... a mother is a mother
# 7
Humne tumhari yaad mein ro roke tub bhar diye ... aur tum bewafaa aaye aur usmein naha ke chal diye
I have filled up tubs crying and remembering you ... and you cheated by coming and taking a bath in it
# 8
Kaam loafer ke aur baatein soldier ki
You behave like an idler and talk like a soldier
# 9
Zindagi mein hamesha logic kaam nahi karta
In life logic doesn't always work
# 10
Zindagi mein kabhi kabhi pagalpan bahut zaroori hota hai
Sometimes craziness is very important in life
# 11
Lamhon ko toh guzarna hoga, aandhi ko toh chalna hoga ... main ek khayal hoon mujhe jaane do, khayal ka haath kaun pakadta hai
Moments will have to pass by, the storm will have to move on ... I'm a thought let me go, no one holds the hands of a thought
# 12
(Ab hum aapke bina jee nahi sakte) - Hum oxygen hai ka?
(Now I can't live without you) - Am I like oxygen?
# 13
Joh joh unke nikat hota hai na ... samajh lo uski jeb mein death ka ticket hota hai
Whoever is close to him ... they have a ticket to death in their pocket
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