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Sharmila Tagore

# 1
Log tumhe is liye pyar nahi karte hai kyun ki tum special ho ... balki tum special ho kyun ki duniya mein kuch log tumse beintehaa pyar karte hai ... sometimes despite the way you are
People don't love you because you are special ... instead you are special because there are some people in the world who love you a lot ... sometimes despite the way you are
# 2
Yeh dimaag hum mein behka sakta hai ... par mann, mann kabhi dhokha nahi deta
The mind can stray us ... but the heart, heart can never betray us
# 3
Ladki ko maane Lakshmi, phir bhi ladka hi laage pyara ... ek ladke ki khatir, pehda kardi ladki gyarah
They believe that a girl is (Goddess) Lakshmi, but still they like a boy ... in order to have a son, they have given birth to eleven daughters
# 4
Apne bachchon ke khatir kabhi na kabhi har maa ko rona padta hai ... koi aasoon bahakar roti hai aur koi aasoon peekar
Every mother has to cry for her children at some point or the other ... some cry by shedding tears and some by drinking the tears
# 5
Dharm wohi hai joh matti se janam leta hai ... dharm wohi hai joh tumhari buddhi se janam leta hai ... dharm wohi hai joh tumhare dil, tumhare mann ko sachcha lagta hai ... dharm wohi hai joh tumhari aatma ko sachcha lagta hai
Religion is what is born out of your thought ... religion is what is born out of your mind ... religion is what your heart and mind believes is true ... religion is what your soul believes is true
# 6
Desh ke liye jaan nyochavar karne waalon se toh maut bhi darti hai
Even death is scared of the people who are ready to give their life for the country
# 7
Ek ek saans sambhaal kar le rahi hoon ... ki kahin tumhare aane tak yeh saanse khatam na ho jaye
I am taking every single breathe carefully ... so that I am not of breathe when you come
# 8
Pyar ka naam hai judaai ... yahi judaai pyar ka inaam bhi hai aur pyar ki sazaa bhi
The name of love is separation ... this separation is the award of love and also the punishment of love
# 9
Andhera wohi hota hai ... jahan roshni dikhane waala koi nahi hota
Darkness is a place ... where there is no one to show light
# 10
Haara hua pyar ghar-baar nahi bassa sakta ... aur bassa bhi le toh chala nahi pata
A love that has lost cannot build a home ... and even if it builds one, then it won't be able to run it
# 11
Main ek aurat hoon mitti ka dher nahi ... jiski joh chahe shakal bana li, jahan jee chahe rakh diya
I'm a woman and not a pile of dirt ... which can be made to look as you desire and can be kept wherever you want
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