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Parents Dialogues

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# 161
Jise dost ka haath thaam le aur maa ka aashirwad mil jaye ... woh zindagi ki har manzil tay kar sakta hai
The one who has the support of a friend and blessings from a mother ... he can achieve every goal in life
# 162
Khabardaar joh meri maa ke pair chuye kamine ... maa ke pairon tale swarg hota hai aur main tujhe in pairon ko chune ke kabil nahi samajhta
Don't you dare touch the feet of my mother you swine ... there is heaven in the feet of a mother and I don't think you are good enough to touch these feet
# 163
Aapke daddy terrorist hai? ... varna aaisa sex bomb aur kaun bana sakta hai
Is your dad a terrorist? ... or else who can produce such a sex bomb
# 164
Maa bachche ko janam deti hai, paalti hai, posti hai ... lekin bachcha maa ke nahi, baap ke naam se jana jaata hai
A mother gives birth to a child, she takes care of him, nurtures him ... but the child is known by his fathers name, not his mothers
# 165
Bachche apni maa se kuch chupa nahi sakte
Children cannot hide anything from their mother
# 166
Aulad ki judai ka dard ... maut ke dard se bhi zyada hota hai
The pain of separation from a child ... is much more than the pain of death
# 167
Bhagwan sansar mein har jagah har ghadi nahi reh sakta ... is liye usne apne badle ghar ghar mein maa ko pehda kiya hai
God cannot be present on this universe in every place and at every moment ... hence instead of him he created a mother in every house
# 168
Meri maa mujhe wapas dedo
Give me my mom back
# 169
Hai Ram kya waqt aa gaya hai ... maa ki shiksha ka amrut bhi beti ko zehar lag raha hai
Oh my god, what time has come ... even the holy water of teachings by the mom, feels like poison to the daughter
# 170
Ek maa ke dil ka sabse bada armaan ... bete ka byah hota hai
The biggest wish in a mother's heart ... is the wedding of her son
# 171
Khilono aur tohfo ki bachchon ko itni bhook nahi hoti jitni maa baap ke pyar ki
Kids need love from their parents more than they need toys and gifts
# 172
Jab beti badhi ho jaati hai ... toh maa ke seene ka bhoj badh jaata hai
When a daughter grows older ... then the weight on a mothers heart increases
# 173
Hamara father north Indian, hamara mother south Indian ... is liye hum complete Indian
My father is a north Indian, my mother is a south Indian ... that is why I am a complete Indian
# 174
Beti ke aasoon dekh kar bhi yadi pita ka dil na roye ... toh woh dil nahin patthar hai
Even after seeing a daughter in tears if a fathers heart does not cry ... then that heart is a stone
# 175
Bachon ka zindagi bhar apne maa baap par haq hota hai ... par maa baap ka bachon pe nahi hota hai ... yehi duniya ki reet hai
Children have a right on their parents for the entire life ... but parents don't have that life long right on their children ... this is a ritual of the world
# 176
Har maa yehi chahti hai na ki uski beti usse sirf ek maa ki tarah nahi ... kabhi kabhi genius ki tarah bhi dekhe
Every mother desires that her daughter looks at her not just as a mother ... but at times as a genius as well
# 177
Aap India se toh bahar aa gaye ... par Indian baap ka attitude aapse bahar nahi aaya
You've left India ... but the attitude of an Indian father hasn't left you
# 178
Rishton ki mehak bhi le udhe paad ... ab baap pehda ho rahe hai beton ke baad
A fart can carry away the fragrance of relationships ... nowadays fathers are being born after their sons
# 179
Next monsoon your bahbhi will mom soon
Next monsoon your sister-in-law will become a mom
# 180
Maa bhi bhagwan ne duniya mein ek nirali hi cheez banayi hai ... janam dene se lekar bete ki aakhri saans tak, har gadhi yeh hi kehti hai ... "jug jug jiyo beta, jug jug jiyo"
In this world god has made mother as a very particular thing ... from birth until the last breath of her son, every moment she keeps saying that ... "live long my son, live long"
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