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Release Year - 1989
# 1
Samjhao isse pyar koi paap nahi hai ... jallad hai kambhakt, yeh mera baap nahi hai
Make him understand that love is not a sin ... he is an executioner, and not my father
# 2
Main jaanta tha tumhari aankhon mein mera intezar hai, tumhare dil mein mera pyar hai ... magar yeh zalim zamana hum dono ke beech deewar hai
I knew that your eyes were waiting for me, my love is there in your heart ... but this cruel world is a wall between the two of us
# 3
Aadmi ko khel wahi khelna chahiye ... joh achchi tarah khelna aata ho
A person should only play that game ... which he knows to play well
# 4
Agar tumne ek kadam bhi aur badaya ... toh aaj ke baad tum apne pairon se nahi chal sakoge
If you take even one step forward ... then from today you won't be able to walk on your legs
# 5
Jaise daane daane pe khane waale ka naam likha hota hai na ... vaise hi goli goli pe bhi khane waale ka naam likha hota hai
Just like on every particle of food is written the name of the person who is going to eat it ... just like that only every bullet is written the name of the person who will be shot with it
# 6
Mujhe meri talwar do aur meri dhaal do ... aur iska mooh kala karke isse yahan se nikaal do
Give me my sword and my shield ... and colour his face black and throw him out of here
# 7
Pagal premi ko yaad karna teri bhool hogi ... uske aane ki umeed phisool hogi
It'll be your mistake to remember your crazy lover ... and hoping for him to come back will be useless
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