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Parents Dialogues

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# 21
Ek biwi bewafaa ho sakti hai ... ek ladki, ek premika bewafaa ho sakti hai ... par ek maa bewafaa nahi ho sakti
A wife can be unfaithful ... a beloved girl can be unfaithful ... but a mother cannot be unfaithful
# 22
Har goli ke saath sirf beta nahi ... ek maa bhi mar jaati hai
With every bullet not only does a son die ... but a mother also does
# 23
Pachaas pachaas kos door jab raat ko gaon mein baap jagta hai ... toh beta bolta hai ki - "dad soo ja varna mere jaisa ek aur aa jayega"
Fifty miles away in a village when a father is awake in the night ... then the son says to him - "sleep or else one more like me will come"
# 24
Mohe toh wohi chori pasand aavegi, joh mori mai ko pasand aavegi
I will only like the girl, whom my mother likes
# 25
Mere paas maa hai
I have mom
# 26
Baby ki zimmedari uthana toh door ... main toh baby ko hi nahi utha pa raha tha
Forget carrying the babies responsibility ... I wasn't even able to carry the baby
# 27
Maa ki jhooti kasam nahi khaate hai ... jhootiya saala
One should not lie when swearing on your mothers life ... bloody liar
# 28
Yahan se pachas pachas kos door gaon mein ... jab bachcha raat ko rota hai, toh maa kehti hai bete soo ja ... soo ja nahi toh Gabbar Singh aa jayega
In a village fifty kilometers from here ... when a child cries in the night, then the mom says sleep my son ... sleep or else Gabbar Singh will come
# 29
Sorry toh maine apne baap tak ko nahi bola jab meri galati thi ... ab toh na meri galati hai ... aur na aap mere baap ho
I didn't even say sorry to my father when I was wrong ... this time neither am I wrong ... and neither are you my father
# 30
Angrezi hamara hunar ho sakti hai ... hamari matrubhasha nahi ... kyunki matrubhasha maa hoti hai ... aur maa sirf ek hoti hai
English language can be our talent ... but it can't be our mother tongue ... since your mother tongue is like a mother ... and there can only be one mother
# 31
Har baap ka ek baap hota hai ... aur usse hum dadaji kehte hai
Every father has a father ... and we call him grandfather
# 32
Teri amma ne jiske baare mein nahi bataya main tera woh baap hoon
I'm that father of yours about whom your mother probably didn't tell you
# 33
Aadmi ki fitrat hi aaisi hai ... chhot lagti hai na toh aadmi maa maa hi chilata hai sabse pehle
It's in the nature of humans ... that when they get hurt then they first call out for their mother
# 34
Maa achchi hai ... apna khayal rakhti hai ... aur main desh ka khayal rakhta hoon
Mom is good ... she takes care of herself ... and I take care of the country
# 35
Poore duniya mein sabse kamzor dil ek Indian baap ka hota hai
The heart of an Indian father is the weakest in the world
# 36
Zindagi ke faisle naseeb karta hai ... maa baap nahi
The decisions of life are made by destiny... not by parents
# 37
Duniya ka sabse amir insaan bhi na maa baap ke bina gareeb hota hai
Even the richest person of the world is poor without a mother and a father
# 38
Maa baap zindagi ke pedh ki jadh hai
Parents are the roots of the tree of life
# 39
Jab mere baap ki hatti hai na ... meri bahut phatti hai
When my dad goes crazy ... then I get scared
# 40
Insaan hona meri kamzori nahi meri taqat hai ... kyun ki mere paas hai har baap ka aashirwad aur har bache ka pyar
To be human is my strength, not my weakness ... because I have the blessing of every father and the love of every child
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