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Farida Jalal

# 1
Jab ladki jawan ho jaati hai na ... toh maa uski maa nahi rehti ... sehali ban jaati hai
When a girl becomes young ... then her mother does not remain a mother ... she becomes her friend
# 2
Sapne dekho, zaroor dekho ... bus unke poore hone ki shart mat rakho
Dream, definitely dream ... just don't keep conditions for them to come true
# 3
Joh desh ke liye jaan dete hai woh shaheed kehlate hai ... joh desh ke liye jaan lete hai woh kaatil nahi ... soldier kehlate hai
People who give their life for their country are called martyrs ... and people who take lives for their country are not called killers ... they are called soldiers
# 4
Zindagi mein insaan do hi baar gehri neend sota hai ... maut ki gaud mein yah maa ke aanchal mein
In life a person sleeps deeply only twice ... in the lap of death or in the lap of a mother
# 5
Woh vidhva suhagan se oonchi hoti hai ... jiska pati desh ki aan par shaheed hota hai
A widow whose husband becomes a martyr for the country ... is bigger than a married woman
# 6
Aurat ke ek nahi teen janam hote hai ... pehla jab woh kisi ki beti bankar is duniya mein aati hai ... doosra jab woh kisi ki patni banti hai ... aur teesra jab woh maa banti hai
A woman is born not once but thrice ... first when she comes in this world as a daughter ... second when she becomes a wife to someone ... and third when she becomes a mother
# 7
Insaan chale jaate hai ... unki yaad reh jaati hai
Humans go away ... but their memories stay behind
# 8
Pasand cheez hi aaisi hai joh waqt ke saath badal jaati hai ... lekin pyar kabhi nahi badalta
Choice is a thing that changes with time ... but love never changes
# 9
Jab beti badhi ho jaati hai ... toh maa ke seene ka bhoj badh jaata hai
When a daughter grows older ... then the weight on a mothers heart increases
# 10
Joh dikhta hai woh hota nahi ... aur joh hota hai woh dikhta nahi
What can be seen doesn't exists ... and what exists can't be seen
# 11
Kabhi usse shaadi nahi karni chahiye jisse tum pyar karti ho ... balki shaadi usse karni chahiye joh tumhe pyar karta ho
Never marry the person whom you love ... instead marry the person who loves you
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