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Parents Dialogues

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# 121
Thoda butter, thoda drama aur thoda tears mix karo ... and papa ki koi bhi na yes ho jaati hai
Mix some butter, drama and tears ... and dad's every no will turn into yes
# 122
Sagai ke din ladka na aaye toh ek baap ke dil par kya guzarti hai ... yeh sirf ek ladki ka baap hi janta hai
What a dad goes through, when on the day of engagement the bridegroom doesn't come ... that only a bride's father knows
# 123
Aaj ke baad woh jagega toh maa kahega, soyega toh maa kahega, jeeyega toh maa kahega ... aur marega tab bhi maa kahega
From today when he wakes up he will say mother, when he sleeps he will say mother, when he lives he will say mother ... and when he dies then to he will say mother
# 124
Yeh maa ki gaud nahin hai ... maut ki gaud hai
This is not the lap of a mother ... it is the lap of death
# 125
Jaa apni mummy ke saath ... actually mummy se hi shaadi karle ... bloody mother lover
Go to your mother ... actually get married to your mother itself ... bloody mother lover
# 126
Na main hoon nikamma, na tu hai nikammi ... shaadi karke hum dono banenge daddy aur mummy
Neither I'm useless, nor are you useless ... we will get married and become daddy and mummy
# 127
Ek ladki joh chhat se apne papa ko dhakel de, usse ka kehte hai batao? ... push-paa!
What do you call a girl who pushes her father from the terrace? ... Pushpa!
# 128
Jis din main baap ban gaya na ... main apne bachche se chun chun ke gin gin ke badle loonga
The day I become a father ... I will take proper revenge from my children one after the other
# 129
Aisa hamesha zaroori nahi hai ki jis raaste par maa baap chale ... ussi raaste par aulad bhi chale
It is not necessary that the path which parents took ... the children should also take that same path
# 130
Mere paas apne baap dada ki daulat ki nahi ek pai hai, aur nahi mujhe chahiye ... mere paas agar kuch hai toh apni maa ka diya hua aashirwaad
I haven't inherited a penny from my father or grandfather, and neither do I want it ... if I have anything, then that is the blessing from my mother
# 131
Main apni maa jaisa banna chahta hoon
I want to become just like my mom
# 132
Maa ke doodh ki ek boond bhi tumhare jism ke andar gayi hoti ... toh ek aurat, ek maa ke liye tum aaisi ghatiya baat nahi karte
If even a drop of mother's milk would have gone in your body ... then you would have never said such a dirty thing about a woman, about a mother
# 133
Baap toh aaise hi hote hai ... khushiyon ka har tukda baant dete hai bachchon mein ... lekin gham ka ek katra bhi nahi choone dete
Fathers are like this only ... they distribute every bit of happiness with their children ... but they don't let even a drop of sadness touch them
# 134
Waqt ne teri yadasht ko bhale hi khokla kar diya ho ... lekin tera diya hua har zakhm meri maa ke dil mein utna hi taza hai ... jitne mere daaman par mere baap ke aasoon
Time may have cleaned up your memory ... but every wound that you have given is still as much fresh in the heart of my mother ... as much as the tears of my father on my moral
# 135
Beti ki shaadi baap ke liye swarg jaane ki seedi hoti hai
The marriage of a daughter is the ladder for a father to go to heaven
# 136
Meri dictionary mein sirf teen cheezen world class hai ... Bradman ki batting, Beatles ka music and mom ki cooking
In my dictionary there are only three things that are world class ... the batting of Bradman, the music of Beatles and the cooking of my mom
# 137
Ghar se door raho toh ehsaas hota hai ... maa kya hoti hai, ghar waale kya hote hai
When you stay away from the house then you will realize ... what a mom is and what family members are
# 138
Jab bhi mera khoon behta hai ... toh mujhe meri maa ke rone ki awaaz sunai deti hai ... aur joh maa ko rulata hai ... main usse nahi chhodta, chahe woh mard ho yah aurat
Whenever I bleed ... then I hear the crying voice of my mother ... and the one who makes a mother cry ... I don't leave him, whether he is a man or a woman
# 139
Hamare liye toh har maa apni maa hoti hai
For me every mother is my own mother
# 140
Mera naam hai Ibu Hatela ... maa meri chudail ki beti, baap mera shaitan ka chela ... khayega kela?
My name is Ibu Hatela ... my mother is a daughter of a bitch, my father is a servant of satan ... want to eat a banana?
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