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Happiness Dialogues

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# 21
Rab sabko same to same khushi nahi dete
God does not give the same level of happiness to everyone
# 22
Sukh toh bewafa hai ... chand dino ke liye aata hai aur chala jaata hai
Happiness is unfaithful ... it comes for a few days and goes away
# 23
Zindagi mein sabse badi khushi tab milti hai ... jab aapki country ka flag shaan se lehra raha hota hai
In life you get the most happiness ... when you see the flag of your country flying high
# 24
Tumne mujhe bahut kuch diya aur mera sab kuch cheen liya ... khushiya di lekin baatne waale nahi, tofhe diye lekin taarif karne waale nahi ... aasman par bhithakar meri zameen cheen li tumne
You gave me a lot and took away everything I had ... you gave me happiness but not someone with whom I could share that, your gave me gifts but not someone to appreciate them ... you made me sit in the sky and took away my ground
# 25
Sab sukh lahe tumhari sharna, tum rakshak kahu ko darna ... sankat hate mite sab peera, joh sumrai Hanumat balbeera
All the happiness rests under your grace, when you're the protector then there is no fear ... all dangers and pains disappear, for anyone who remembers the brave Lord Hanuman
# 26
Hum aane waale gham ko kheench taan kar aaj ki khushi pe le aate hai ... aur us khushi mein zehar ghol dete hai
We stretch and pull the sadness of the future and bring it onto today's happiness ... and we mix poison in that happiness
# 27
It is so simple to be happy ... but it is so difficult to be simple
It is so simple to be happy ... but it is so difficult to be simple
# 28
Zindagi mein sirf khushiya baanti jaati hai ... gham ka bhoj har insaan ko akele hi dhona padta hai
In life you can only distribute happiness ... every person has to carry the weight of sorrow by themselves
# 29
In ladkiyon ko na koi khush nahi rakh sakta ... a happy woman is a myth!
No one can keep a girl happy ... a happy woman is a myth!
# 30
Aaj khush to bahut hoge tum?
Today you will be very happy right?
# 31
Duniya ka koi insaan bura aadmi nahi hota ... koi aadmi apni maa ke pet se bura pehda nahi hota ... koi chor apni khushi se chori nahi karta ... koi daaku apni khushi se daaka nahi dalta ... koi tawaif apni khushi se apna jism nahi bechti ... waqt aur halaat insaan ko bura banne pe majboor kar dete hai
No person in this world is an evil person ... no one is born evil from their mother's womb ... no thief steals with his own happiness ... no dacait robs with his own happiness ... no prostitute sells her body with her own happiness ... time and situation compel a person to become evil
# 32
Hasne waalon ke saath toh duniya hasti hai ... lekin rone waala akele hi rota hai
The world laughs with those who laugh ... but the one who cries, cries alone
# 33
Na moh, na maya, na mamta ka bandhan ... bus anand hi anand
I don't have endearment, illusion and affection ... I only have happiness
# 34
Do type ke leader hote hai ... ek woh joh sarkar girakar khush hote hai ... doosre woh joh sarkar banakar khush hote hai
There are two types of leaders ... one who get happy when the government falls ... and the other who get happy when the government is formed
# 35
Agar kisika dukh baatna hi chahte ho ... toh kaam kuch aisa karo ... ke doosro ki zindagi mein khushi aaye
If you want to share someones sorrow ... then do such a work ... which brings happiness in others life
# 36
Khush rehte hain bachche jab saaf rehte hain kachche
A child will be happy when clean is his nappy
# 37
Dhuk toh muft mein milte hai ... lekin sukh ki keemat toh deni hi padti hai
Sorrow comes free of cost ... but for happiness one has to pay the price
# 38
Ab mujhe life mein khushi chahiye ... khud-khushi nahi
Now I want happiness in life ... not suicide
# 39
Hum mein hamesha sikhaya jaata hai jitna tezz daud loge utna aage nikal jaoge ... par wahan khushi milegi ya nahi ... yeh koi nahi batata
We are always taught that, the faster you run the further you'll get ... but will we find happiness there or not ... no one tells us that
# 40
Haraam ki daulat insaan ko shuru shuru mein sukh zaroor dilati hai ... magar baad mein le jaakar ek aaise dukh ke sagar mein dhakel deti hai ... jahan marte dum tak sukh ka kinara kabhi nazar nahi aata hai
Unlawful wealth surely gives happiness to one in the start ... but later on it takes you and throws you into the sea of sadness ... where you will never ever see the shores of happiness
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