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Rani Mukherjee

# 1
Mil jaye tumhe tumhari mohabbat, toh maan lo khuda tumpar meherban ho gaya ... aur agar na mile, toh jaan lo ke khuda tumse ek jaan ho gaya
If you get your love, then understand that god is kind with you ... and if you don't get it, then understand that god is within you
# 2
Ek umar si jee rahi ho, magar adhoori ... agar woh mil jaye, toh zindagi ho jaye poori
I am living since long, but incomplete ... if I get him, then my life will be complete
# 3
Insaan ko usse shaadi nahi karni chahiye, jisse woh pyar karta ho ... balki usse shaadi karni chahiye, joh usse pyar karta ho
A person should not marry someone whom he loves ... instead a person should marry someone who loves him
# 4
Kabhi kabhi dosti mohabbat ki jagah le leti hai ... aur phir mohabbat ke liye jagah hi nahin rehti
Sometimes friendship takes over the place of love ... and then love has no place left
# 5
Pati patni sirf bistar nahin baantte ... zindagi baantte hai
Husband wife not only share the bed ... they share life
# 6
Apne itne aasani se thodi nah milte hai
You don't find near and dear ones so easily
# 7
Alvida nahin ... alvida kehne se phir milne ki umeed mar jaati hai ... kya pata phir milen
No bye ... saying bye kills the hope of meeting again ... who knows we might meet again
# 8
Ek vaishya kabhi kisi ka bhala nahi kar sakti ... woh sirf gharon ko todh sakti hai
A prostitute can never do good for anyone ... she can only break homes
# 9
Kal tak joh ajnabi tha, dil aaj ussi ko chahta hai ... zindagi dene waale tujhpe, mar jaane ko jee chahta hai
The one who was a stranger until yesterday, today the heart loves him ... oh god I wish to give my life for you
# 10
Hum mein jaise hi lagta hai ki hum mein apni zindagi par pura control hai ... zindagi humse yeh control le leti hai
The moment we think we have full control over our life ... life takes away that control from us
# 11
Yeh kambhakt mohabbat cheez hai hi aaisi ... joh kabhi patthar ko bhagwan ... toh kabhi farishtey jaise insaan ko patthar bana deti hai
This cruel love is one such thing ... that sometimes turns a stone into god ... and sometimes it turns an angel like person into a stone
# 12
Dekh be under 19 team ke 12th man
Look you 12th man (reserved player) of an under 19 team
# 13
Kabhi toh pehli mulaqat hi kaafi hoti hai ... aur kabhi bahut si mulaqatein lag jaati hai
Sometimes the first meeting is enough ... and sometimes it takes a lot of meetings
# 14
Khush rehte hain bachche jab saaf rehte hain kachche
A child will be happy when clean is his nappy
# 15
Dhuk toh muft mein milte hai ... lekin sukh ki keemat toh deni hi padti hai
Sorrow comes free of cost ... but for happiness one has to pay the price
# 16
Kuch karne ke liye kaayde ki nahi ... iraade ki zaroorat hoti hai
To do something you don't need a rule ... you need an intention
# 17
Chuhon ko pakadna ho toh chuha banna padta hai ... kutton ko pakadna ho toh kutta ... sher ka shikaar karna ho toh sher
If you want to catch mouses then you have to become a mouse ... if you want to catch dogs then you have to become a dog ... and if you want to hunt a tiger you have to become a tiger
# 18
Yeh khuda ke roop mein insaan hai ... yah insaan ke roop mein khuda
Is he a human in the guise of God ... or is he God in the guise of a human
# 19
Azaadi har insaan ka paidayashi haq hai
Independence is the birthright of every person
# 20
Ukhaad joh ukhaadneka hai ... chal re!
Do whatever you want ... get lost!
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